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Cheap Old Tiny Houses

The website Cheap Old Houses has created a buzz among the Instagram crowd for its postings of old homes for sale around the world for under $100,000. Did you know there is a similar site that features old, tiny houses?

CIRCA is a marketplace for historic homes for sale, including smaller homes.

CIRCA is an online marketplace that showcases historic homes for sale around the U.S. and Canada. Each listing is carefully curated to profile each home’s distinctive character. Each home is shown with the year it was built, its price, location, history, and abundant photos.

Many of the homes are fixer uppers and do require some extra cash and sweat equity.

Like most old homes many of them do need some work, but CIRCA strives to keep these notable homes alive and on the market. Rather than buying or building new, they encourage people to have some pluckiness and pocket change to bring an old home back to life.

Many of the buildings, such as this 19th century church, are totally unique.

While CIRCA features historic homes of all sizes, they do have a tiny houses for sale section. These homes are under 1,500 square feet and run the gamut from tiny bungalows on Route 66 to log hewn cabins for $8,000. How about checking out a canal lock tender’s house in New Jersey or even a mansion from 1890 for the cost of a suburban home in a new development?

Restoring these homes can add value to a community and new life to a historic building.

If you are just interested in historic homes and buildings in general, you can search the CIRCA site for homes in different locations, a variety of styles (from Adobe to Tudor), and a range of prices.

By Christina Nellemann for the  [Tiny House Blog]

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