Life Changes and the Tiny House Life.

tiny a-frame airbnb

A trend I’m seeing lately are digital nomads who previously lived on the road in tiny houses, vans, and RVs who are now purchasing land. They are building homes by paying as they go or restoring older dwellings to live in. Being constantly on the move is hard. Not knowing … Read more

The Truth About Electrical Wiring In A Tiny House

Ecoflow Delta battery

After waiting, a number of setbacks, and more waiting, it is finally time for electrical installation. Or is it? First things first. We had two generators for each tiny home sitting in boxes for almost a year. I wanted my older son’s friend to help us get them running before … Read more

Glamor of Tiny House Living

Tiny houses, van life, and bus life on social media are usually shown as glamorous. With posed photos in beautiful locations, these nomads show the best sides of traveling life. Is it really this way? In a frank, unfiltered, and honest disclosure Dorit Liss shares her experience with her converted … Read more

Living Tiny and Growing a Garden

Tiny House Magazine Issue 113

Just because you choose to live tiny, be it a tiny house, a tiny apartment, or traveling in a van doesn’t mean you can’t have an indoor or outdoor garden. “A garden provides a healthy alternative to some of the store-bought veggies we use every day, but a garden in … Read more

Tiny House Variety

Travis Burke tiny house

Variety is what initially drew me to the tiny house movement when I started publishing the Tiny House Blog in 2007. It still applies as we publish issue 112 of the Tiny House Magazine. In this issue, we cover the DIY process of building your own tiny house. Even if … Read more

Tiny House in Denmark

Denmark tiny home

With a growing number of tiny house enthusiasts in Europe, we are excited to feature one from Denmark on our cover this month. Denmark has been especially slow in adapting to the idea of mobile tiny houses and has very strict regulations. Instability in work and everyday life due in … Read more

Five Things to Consider: Stationary vs. THOW

tiny house festival

The tiny house movement came about with the fall of the real estate market. Housing costs were unstable and, as folks moved toward cities to find jobs during the recession, housing became scarce and supply and demand in these flourishing towns became unbalanced. This forced many to turn to alternative … Read more

Parking Your Tiny House

Tiny House Parking

Often the biggest challenge for those who want to become tiny house homeowners is being overwhelmed by the difficulty in finding legal parking. This is especially true for a tiny house on wheels since the nearest classification for this type of home is a recreational vehicle. In many places across … Read more

5 Tiny House Hacks On The Cheap

Tiny House

When we started planning our tiny home in 2008, breaking ground in 2009, there weren’t a lot of resources to help us along the way. There were quite a few times we made things up as we went along. That also meant we needed to be a little more creative … Read more

Fire Safety For Tiny Homes

Tiny House Bus in sunset

Let’s talk fire safety in tiny homes—why it’s important, why tiny homes on wheels are prone to fires, and the precautions you can take to ensure your journey isn’t cut short by a first disaster. Fire safety is one of those things most people don’t think about until after they’ve … Read more

Make 2022 the Year for Your Tiny House

Summit Tiny House

If you have been dreaming of making a tiny house your new home, 2022 is the year to make it happen. Turning a dream into reality can be a daunting process and without certain steps and guidelines you can easily hit a wall and end up with another year gone … Read more