Tiny House Magazine - Part 3

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Thanksgiving and Tiny Houses

It’s that time of year again. A time when we create a special time to get together with family and friends and give thanks. I personally want to wish all our subscribers a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you are thinking of building or having a tiny house brought into your life in the coming new year … Read more

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Campervans as Tiny Homes

Ambulance van picture

I noticed a common thread in this month’s issue of the Tiny House Magazine.: the popularity of campervans. From tiny minivan conversions all the way up to a fancy ambulance conversion. Vans are very popular and fairly easy to convert into a tiny living space. Vans have an attraction for many people and I enjoyed … Read more

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Making Your Tiny House You

Ben's Tiny House

One thing that draws many people to tiny house living is the appeal of working on a custom, small space. This allows for the option to design a home to fit your personal needs and wants. In Ben Brown’s article, Hand Holds and Whiskey Shots, this custom option really comes to life. Brown designed his … Read more

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