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Tiny House Villages and the Tiny House Magazine

Where do I park my tiny home once I have it? This is one of the biggest questions that is asked by potential tiny house owners. Tiny house villages or communities are one option. However, finding out where they are can be a challenge. Jill Kanto struggled with this problem by first searching on Google […]

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Tiny House 2.0 Talking Tech

Next to Christmas week, summertime seems to be the most popular time to upgrade your iPhone or Android mobile phone. It starts off innocently enough. You don’t ‘Skip Ad’ when the US Cellular ad comes on during your Netflix binge. Within a week or two you make mention that you may stop by the store […]

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Living Tiny With Teens

My husband (Andrew), son (Paiute, 19), daughter (Terra, 15) and I all live on five acres in the beautiful hillsides of Ashland, OR. Our primary residence is “hOMe”, our 207sf (+110sf in lofts) modern tiny house on wheels. In hOMe we cook meals together, eat, hang out, play games, and watch movies. Terra does most of her […]

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