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Tiny Homes and Fire Safety

Bus with fire in background

Tiny homes have long been known for having fire safety problems. Many tiny homes on wheels don’t have a large enough egress window as an escape and the only way out is through the one door in the home. Fire safety is one of those things most people don’t think about until after they’ve had […]

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Campervans as Tiny Homes

Ambulance van picture

I noticed a common thread in this month’s issue of the Tiny House Magazine.: the popularity of campervans. From tiny minivan conversions all the way up to a fancy ambulance conversion. Vans are very popular and fairly easy to convert into a tiny living space. Vans have an attraction for many people and I enjoyed […]

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Making Your Tiny House You

Ben's Tiny House

One thing that draws many people to tiny house living is the appeal of working on a custom, small space. This allows for the option to design a home to fit your personal needs and wants. In Ben Brown’s article, Hand Holds and Whiskey Shots, this custom option really comes to life. Brown designed his […]

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Tiny House Decisions

Three Moose Manor

Living tiny in itself is a big decision. Figuring out how to design the space for full time living is also a challenge. Add in the option of living green or off-grid complicates it even more. Danelle Campos shares her thoughts on building a tiny house and how the number of decisions can still rival […]

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Tiny House Diversity

One big draw to me when I first became interested in tiny houses 14 years ago was the diversity of construction options. I was drawn to them all: yurts, floating houses, log cabins, vans, RVs, sheep wagons, and even Overlanding trucks. In this month’s issue, Christina interviews a medical worker who transformed an ambulance into […]

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