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Glamor of Tiny House Living

Tiny houses, van life, and bus life on social media are usually shown as glamorous. With posed photos in beautiful locations, these nomads show the best sides of traveling life. Is it really this way? In a frank, unfiltered, and honest disclosure Dorit Liss shares her experience with her converted skoolie. Living in the Pacific … Read more

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Tiny House Variety

Travis Burke tiny house

Variety is what initially drew me to the tiny house movement when I started publishing the Tiny House Blog in 2007. It still applies as we publish issue 112 of the Tiny House Magazine. In this issue, we cover the DIY process of building your own tiny house. Even if your confidence and experience are … Read more

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Tiny House in Denmark

Denmark tiny home

With a growing number of tiny house enthusiasts in Europe, we are excited to feature one from Denmark on our cover this month. Denmark has been especially slow in adapting to the idea of mobile tiny houses and has very strict regulations. Instability in work and everyday life due in part to COVID-19, and a … Read more

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