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Giving Tree Family tiny house

Have you ever felt confused? Maybe things didn’t go as you planned and you don’t know what to do. Well, that’s how Danelle Campos felt. She had a lot of problems to deal with, and it made her stop and think about everything. Sometimes, even tiny houses and their owners can have problems too. When … Read more

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Downsizing Challenge

Tiny House Magazine 122

With the cost of houses skyrocketing and affordable housing basically a joke, tiny houses are looking more like an alternative for many more people. Preparing to live in a tiny house can be a challenge though. Downsizing your belongings and preparing to live in a smaller place are just the first few steps. In this … Read more

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The Prepared Tiny Home

The Moth tiny house

Being prepared for emergencies wherever you live is important. It might even be more important if you live in a tiny home. Andrew Odom, content editor of the Tiny House Magazine, has a great article on how to prepare for various inevitable emergencies. Here is a brief overview of the article and I encourage you … Read more

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