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The Prepared Tiny Home

The Moth tiny house

Being prepared for emergencies wherever you live is important. It might even be more important if you live in a tiny home. Andrew Odom, content editor of the Tiny House Magazine, has a great article on how to prepare for various inevitable emergencies. Here is a brief overview of the article and I encourage you … Read more

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How did you go tiny?

2 tiny houses

For a quick answer to these questions, I would personally start with Jilan Wise’s article on the five changes you can make today to help you go tiny in the future. I’m going to give you a brief outline here and encourage you to go read the article (page 39) if these are some of … Read more

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Tiny Houses and Mobility.

Truform Tiny House

When tiny houses on wheels became popular, one of the possibilities was traveling and living short-term wherever you chose. However, the reality is that most tiny houses on wheels are extremely heavy and the wheels were really meant to just move a short distance and park the home. Still, there have been many people who … Read more

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