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Do You Like Tiny Houses?

Do You Like Tiny Houses? If so you will really enjoy the Tiny House Magazine. Celebrating our 100th issue we are giving away Issue 100 at no cost to you for a limited time. CLICK HERE and at checkout enter the Coupon Code: THM100 Eight years and three months ago I had the privilege to […]

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Tiny Blue in Worcestershire, UK

At 20’ long and 8’ wide Tiny Blue (as she is affectionately called) is a beautiful DIY tiny house in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Owned by Grace Stringer and her partner Craig is our featured cover on this month’s Tiny House Magazine. Included in this issue is a discussion with Jilan Wise of Far Out Tiny […]

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Turning A (tiny) House into A Home

If a house is a physical object, a home is more of a feeling. It’s a good feeling. Scratch that, it’s a great feeling. Depending on the person, it can be described as warm and cozy, or neat and orderly. For me, I hadn’t felt “at home” where I lived in a really long time. […]

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