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Maximizing Space With Under Bed Storage

Tiny house owners are all too used to the struggle of making space. If you’re a bit low on real estate to start with, finding room for storage generally requires some ingenuity and elbow grease. One of the best ways to fit some extra items in is to head under the bed. An awful lot […]

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The Toilet That Will Change the World!

DryFlush Toilet

by Kristina Von Kroug Republished from Living full-time on the road and in the woods has put our survive and thrive priorities up front – instead of paying someone else to take care of our needs, the basics take up a good chunk of our time. Shelter, food and water, hygiene, animal care, and the […]

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Hydroponics in a Small Package


by Anthony Reyes For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to create something that would be beneficial to families everywhere. I experimented with lots of different avenues and ideas, most of them failures, but I never gave up. Throughout my teens and college years I toyed around with law enforcement, computer repair, and […]

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