Couple’s Park Model Tiny Home on 5 Acres

Yessi and Bobby live in a beautiful 15-foot-wide park model tiny home on 5 acres in the Texas Hill Country. Fortunately for them, there are no legal obstacles to doing this in their small town. That’s why they felt confident investing in their tiny house and homestead property. As they’ll … Read more

Relaxed Living at LuxTiny Tiny Home Community

LuxTiny is a tiny home community in northern Arizona. Currently, it features 41 parking spots for full-time living and a few rentals. It feels very much like a neighborhood versus an RV park with a much larger average lot size at 3500 square feet. The multiple rows of unique-looking tiny … Read more

Paul’s Luxury Tiny House Getaway

Tiny house retreat

When it comes to very special places to retreat and getaway, it does not get any better than a tiny house nestled in the mountains, this peaceful retreat is ideal for those who dream of fleeing cities and returning to nature to enjoy a mountain getaway, enjoy a one-of-a-kind glamping … Read more

Hope Valley Resort Park Models Near Portland

Park models have long set a standard for expanded tiny living. They offer the option to stay small and compact, but offer enough room for multiple family members and guests. One way to experience tiny living without leaving a supportive community is to purchase a park model in a resort … Read more

Park Models and Modular Homes by Pocket House

Contemporary styling and high quality details, materials and appliances go small in these smart-sized homes by Pocket House. Designed and built in Alberta, Canada, these homes start at 538 square feet and go up to about 1,100 square feet. Pocket House offers park models and modular homes starting at 538 … Read more

Dynamic Homes Tiny Houses Have Optional 2nd Bedrooms

Minnesota-based Dynamic Homes has been building custom, traditional homes for nearly 50 years. Their company has recently started a tiny house division with two park model designs that can be placed onto any approved lot. Dynamic Homes uses advanced engineering techniques in a climate-controlled environment to build their homes. Each … Read more