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How to Build a Small Log Cabin

Keith Stonebraker has recently developed an interesting take on a log cabin. I want him to share his design idea with you. I’ll turn it over to Keith. I have always wanted a log cabin, just some little place to get away with my thoughts and relax. I had helped a friend with the building […]

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Will Gatlin’s Cold Holler Cabin

Way up a holler between a couple of prominent knobs, below Panther (pronounced “Painter”) Knob, we’re building a log cabin. My tiny house is a log cabin. I’ve built bedroom additions, renovated spaces like a garage, and built a 2-story, 200 square footprint workshop that would make a very nice dwelling, if I didn’t make […]

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House of Fallen Timbers – Completed

Since the August update I have finished the roof, begun sealing up the cabin and hung the door and shutters. We’ve had several good soaking rains and a couple of strong windy thunderstorms since finishing up the roof and the cabin walls are dry! A cousin of mine has donated a kerosene heater to keep […]

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