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Sing Log Cabin

In an earlier post we looked at the SingRV, their portable tiny home. In this post I want to show you Sing’s Log Cabin. Sing logs are made with Patented Sing honeycomb core for insulation that provides a warm, natural, comfortable and energy efficient home.

Sing has two type of logs, the Sing Square Log and the Sing Eco Log. The Sing Square Log wall has eight-inch thick wall with 3 inch insulated Sing Honeycomb sandwiched between two pieces vertical grain heavy plank cedar or Fir it is the most straight hi precision log ever made in log home history.

The Sing Eco-Log is made of a patented 3 inch thick urethane honeycomb core sandwiched between kiln dried cedar or Douglas fir double Tongue and Grove heavy plank. It is the most dimensionally stable, insulated, lightweight log ever designed at low cost.

With Sing Eco-Log you get a log-home feel at a lesser price with the same easy to build building system as the original Sing log.

To learn more visit the Sing Log Home site and visit their gallery and learn all details of this construction alternative.

Sing Logs

Sing Logs

Log Construction

Log Construction

Walls and Roof

Walls and Roof

Almost Completed

Almost Completed

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1968mlr - January 7, 2009 Reply

Interesting, good design for a kit type home. Looks straight foward if you want to build it yourself. I do take exception with reffering to this as a log home. Logs do not come from a forest with straight planed and kilned dried planks, with insulation sandwhich between said planks, nor are the logs tounge and groove! True logs have a taper from the butt end to the small end. True logs have bumps, knots and sometimes bows. I aint knockning the sing sips, which is actual what they are, but to call this a log home is just a marketing tool.

john - January 8, 2009 Reply

I have seen the Sing website… The little cabin, what was the finish price? Wondering how expensive that is, I am not rich and looking to build my own cabin.

    Kent - January 9, 2009 Reply

    Hi John,

    I believe the little house on wheels goes for around $8k to $9k, as far as the “log” cabin pictured here, I do not have a price on it but I’m sure if you contact Sing they could give you a quote.

eve1987 - June 27, 2010 Reply

where sells these thing what states im curious theyre are lovely little places

    Maureen - February 28, 2012 Reply

    We ship from Washington State to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Panel prices vary depending on dimensions and skin material. We offer quantity discounts as well. Visit for pricing details. Spring’s a great time to plan your Tiny House.

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