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Ekodome Tiny House Option

Domes have long been used as cabins, getaways, tiny homes, and even very large homes. Ekodome came on the scene in 2020 and offer a kit of the basic structure with a reasonable price structure. Ranging in size from 183 square feet to 642 square feet these can be developed into a tiny or small … Read more

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Enchanting Geodesic Dome Home

geodesic dome home

Have you wondered how a geodesic dome home works? A geodesic dome, aka geodome, is a sphere-like structure composed of a complex network of triangular pieces creating a self-balancing structural framework. Additionally, a dome home is a dwelling with standard features and amenities like any house, except it’s a partial sphere shape. A geodesic dome … Read more

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Small House Design Ideas: 10 Simple Passive Solar Tips

Be on top of your tiny house building game with these ten tips for passive solar tiny house design! These top ten passive solar design tips will give you a good starting point in designing your own tiny house by using the sun to your advantage for both heating and cooling your home. Often these techniques are … Read more

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