Ekodome Tiny House Option

Domes have long been used as cabins, getaways, tiny homes, and even very large homes. Ekodome came on the scene in 2020 and offer a kit of the basic structure with a reasonable price structure.

Ranging in size from 183 square feet to 642 square feet these can be developed into a tiny or small home.

All Ekodome frames are manufactured with aluminum profiles in EN 755-9 standards. This European Standard specifies the tolerances on dimensions and forms for aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded profile with a cross-section within a circumscribing circle is not greater than 800 mm.

Depending on the size of the dome the frames can be assembled in as little as 4 hours and the larger frames up to a day with a small crew and the right ladders or platforms.

For a foundation, an elevated wooden deck would be a perfect option, especially when considering the space needed for plumbing, water storage, insulation from the ground.

To cover the Ekodome frames there are many options. Using the template provided the Solid and multiwall polycarbonate, UV-protected acrylic, Lexan, and other plastic-based panels are commonly used materials in greenhouses. In addition, aluminum composite, Marine plywood, SIP, plastered OSB and Aircrete, metal mesh, wood, Hempcrete, and other composite materials would be ideal for the non-transparent cladding.

Ekodome® LUNA:

– Diameter: 15.7 ft / 4.8 m
– Height: 9.5 ft / 2.9 m
– Area: 183 sq ft / 17 sq m
– Retail: $2,499

Ekodome® TERRA:

– Diameter: 22.14 ft / 6.75 m
– Height: 13.15 ft / 4 m
– Area: 366 sq ft / 34 sq m
– Retail: $5,999

Ekodome® STELLAR:

– Diameter: 30 ft / 9.14 m
– Height: 15 ft / 4.57 m
– Area: 695 sq ft / 64.59 sq m
– Retail: $9,599

Ekodome® COSMOS:

– Diameter: 28.8 ft / 8.78 m
– Height: 19.16 ft / 5.84 m
– Area: 642 sq ft / 59.64 sq m
– Retail: $10,999

Following are a few photos and a video of the assembly of the 22 foot TERRA Ekodome. Learn more at the Ekodome website.

Ekodome Terra render
Ekodome TERRA render
Ekodome TERRA frame
Ekodome TERRA frame

Ekodome Terra frame

Close up of Terra frame connection

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