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Life In Tents Fernweh Bell Tent June Special

Summer is here and what better time to go camping and try out tiny living by renting or purchasing a 16-foot bell tent.

Yes, you can live full time in a canvas tent. With a stove for heat and by bringing in your basic needs, such as a tiny kitchen, and a composting toilet it can be done. A canvas tent is way more affordable than a tiny house and it will give the chance to see if living tiny is for you.

By placing the tent on a platform in your back yard or out on a piece of property and living in it for several weeks you can visualize what it would be like to live tiny all the time.

If you decide tiny house life is not for you, then repurpose the canvas tent as a spare bedroom or an Airbnb to make a little extra money.

Life in Tents has engineered the 16-foot LiT Fernweh canvas bell tent to be both a beauty and a beast. Quickly pop it up in your backyard or pitch it for a season on your property as a cozy escape from home. Furnish and accessorize this waterproof and wind resilient canvas tent cottage to your style and guests’ comfort.

The brute strength of the thick-plied double weave 11.5 oz (390 gsm) military-grade, Army duck, 100% natural cotton canvas, will hold up in all seasons and last for generations. And the natural light-colored fabric and bamboo wood posts provide an elegance that can’t be matched by another bell tent in the wild. Life in Tents likes to say it’s adurable (adorable + durable).

Through the month of June Life in Tents is offering 10% off of the purchase of the Fernweh bell tent. If you have been waiting for a discount now is the time!

Purchase your Fernweh Tent HERE.

Sale Ends on June 30, 2020.

Use Discount Code Papa10 and receive 10% off





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Richard Pawlowski - June 9, 2020 Reply – My wife and I are seniors in our 70s and spent 2 full years living in a tent ( but also traveling the 10 Western States o the USA. We camped and traveled to hundreds of campgrounds and visited 15 national Parks…in our Windstar van. I’ve just read this article about the 16 foot Fernweh Bell tent and it simply wouldn’t work in most real campgrounds. It is simply too big, hard to put up and wouldn’t last very long in hard weather/wind conditions. To us, this should be classified as “Temporary Glamor Camping” and is certainly not a tiny home.

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