Visiting Lloyd Kahn at Shelter Publications

Inverness boat

Monday, April 1, I had a wonderful day driving down to Bolinas, California to visit Lloyd Kahn at his home and work at Shelter Publications. I wanted to get a glimpse of his new book that he has in progress called Tiny Homes on the Move.

On the way down I stopped briefly in Point Reyes Station and took a few photos. Then, I drove on out to Inverness to see an old boat I like to photograph when I am in the area and took some more photos. (you can view more of my iPhone photography here) The weather was perfect as it was right after a storm.

When I arrived Lloyd immediately started showing me the new book. He says it is about a third completed and that it is taking longer than anticipated because people who are featured in it are all around the globe. So it takes longer to get photos etc.

The book is going to be exciting, it features a lot of unique mobile type homes and many houses on the water. I have a snapshot of a couple of the rough pages below. Be sure and follow Lloyd’s blog to stay current on his progress.

rough of new book

After, we went down and had lunch in Bolinas at a sandwich shop and ate down by the water and visited.

When we got back to Lloyd’s home he gave me a tour of his workshop. He has a new work bench that looks perfect. One of Lloyd’s hobbies is making wooden spoons with old fashioned tools. He showed me a couple of neat hatchets he has for making the initial pieces of wood and some neat carving tools for notching out the spoons. Unfortunately, Lloyd had shoulder surgery not too long ago so he is not able to work on this hobby right now.

Lloyd's workshop

It had been a year or so since I had been to Shelter Publications. I am not going to wait so long to visit again. Thanks Lloyd for sharing your time and talents with me.

Lloyd at work

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Walt Barrett - April 9, 2013 Reply

Good Morning Kent,
Nice story, Lloyd seems like an interesting person to know. The photos were great!

Paulette - April 9, 2013 Reply

Kent, thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and the story on Lloyd. Can’t wait for his book to come out! The photo of the boat was intriguing and made me wonder what lovely tiny house could be made from it (minus the rust)????!

    Hunter - April 9, 2013 Reply

    Paulette that’s not rust that is character. 🙂
    But i agree what a nice little house the boat would make.

Pendoodles - April 9, 2013 Reply

Kent… Your photos are great & story is too. Lloyd seems cool, love his place & the book he’s working on. When it gets published let us know. <3 Pennie

MJ - April 10, 2013 Reply

I never tire of reading about what Lloyd is up to and the two of you confabbing and gabbing is one of those ‘wish I was a fly on one of those walls’ moments. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lynn - April 14, 2013 Reply

Love the story -especially, the boat picture. It reminds me of younger years, when I stayed on our boat with my family-lived on our cabin cruiser for three weeks every summer, as we traveled to different places.

Would enjoy seeing and hearing more about Lloyd’s hobby.

Todd - April 14, 2013 Reply

Thanks for this story. This man is an icon, a national treasure like Stewart Brand. I’ve been following Lloyd since the first Whole Earth Catalogs and have several of his first books. He is great and deserves the recognition and appreciation. He motivated a generation and continues to do so. Inspiring. Thanks.

Janice - April 16, 2013 Reply

Hi! I have been interested in the Tiny Home projects for many years. I love the town of Bolinas and I used to live in Sebastopol. I hope to relocate back to that area one day and I am wondering where a tiny home would be allowed. I loved living in Camp Meeker outside Occidental and I’d like to find a spot for a small dwelling.

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