Tiny House Floor Plans Second Edition

Michael Janzen started publishing the Tiny House Design (2008) blog about a year after I started the Tiny House Blog. Michael is a designer at heart and in 2012 he published his first book Tiny House Plans. You can follow Michael’s current work at MichaelJanzen.com.

Tiny House Floor Plans became one of my favorite books because of its simplicity and the power it had to stimulate your imagination in designing your own tiny home. Michael has just published a second edition and I’ll let him explain why below.

Tiny houses were still small and simple back then.

Most tiny homes were owner-built, and there were only a few professional builders in the business. A typical tiny house was about 20-feet long, had a 5-gallon bucket sawdust toilet, minimal off-grid power, and you took a ladder to get into the loft. For example, the tiny house that made the movement famous was Jay Shafer’s original Tumbleweed. This house measured only 12-feet long, including the porch, and had less than 100 square feet of interior floor space.

Today, people expect more from a tiny house.

A 20-foot tiny house is considered relatively small in size these days. Most tiny homes have stairs that take you to the loft, plus conventional toilets or commercially made composting toilets. The interiors are finished to high standards with modern appliances, laundry machines, full-size refrigerators, and lots of fine woodwork.

This is why it seemed about high time for me to redraw my book. You’ll find nothing from the original version is in these pages; all the drawings in this second edition are brand new. You’ll find over 350 tiny house floor plans of homes ranging from truly tiny 12-foot-long tiny houses to giant 36-foot long homes. Most designs have stairs, and some of the larger homes have two flights of stairs, each to their own loft. I’ve even tried to include a space for laundry machines in all the medium to large designs.

This flipbook shows the different size house plan sizes in the book.

You can purchase a PDF version of the book. Buy Now!

Or if you prefer to have a print book you can purchase it at Amazon HERE. (These are affiliate links)

I highly recommend if you are in the designing stage of your own tiny house.

~Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)

Tiny House Floor Plans cover
Tiny House Floor Plans cover
Tiny House 8x12 plans
Page 28 of Tiny House Floor Plans, Second Edition. There are 24 12-foot floor plans in the book.
Tiny House Floor Plans 18 foot
Sample page showing an 8×18 tiny house floor plan. There are 36 18-foot tiny house designs in the book.
Tiny House Floor plans 36 foot
Sample page showing an 8×36 tiny house floor plan. There are 48 36-foot tiny house designs in the book.
Tiny House Floor Plans print book cover
Tiny House Floor Plans Second Edition print book cover
Floor plan print book
Print Book floor plans

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