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Rear Deck

I had the opportunity to finally meet Vera Vera Struck at the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs this past August. She has been a very busy lady of late with the construction of Silver Bullet Tiny House (her tiny house) and writing her book.

I recently had the chance to read her book and it is a fun read. Vera shares much of her life and how she came to appreciate tiny living.

Vera shares how through her career in finance, redevelopment, visual art, and education, she explains her reasons for tackling the Silver Bullet Tiny House a unique challenge she set for herself.

Vera explains her passion and why she decided to build her tiny house. Her story is about survival and personal growth. She also shares her enlightenment towards a more sustainable dream through living small.

book cover

Book Cover

Vera breaks her book down into three parts:

Part 1 of Living the Sustainable Tiny Life* is all about my tiny sustainable soul’s journey to an amazingly rewarding authentic sustainable lifestyle, from its fledgling beginnings to present day.

Part 2 takes you through the build process of the Silver Bullet Tiny House. This book is not a construction guide although it gives you plenty of pictures and details of the resource and design choices I made to actualize the challenge I set for myself in 2012.

Part 3 the Silver Bullet Tiny House and I are going on tour. I hope this e-book can inspire others with the lessons I’ve learned so far living tiny.

Check out her book here.

Sideview of the Silver Bullet

Sideview of the Silver Bullet

Storage Stairs

Storage Stairs

Crate Storage

Crate Storage

Rear Deck

Rear Deck

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John - October 18, 2015 Reply

To me sustainable infers solar, wind, water catchment, grey water, etc. Not wheels!

    Vera - October 18, 2015 Reply


    THOW’s can be sustainable too!

    My home has all renewables, solar, wood, two water harvesting systems and EFOY methanol batteries. Many THOW’s do. If you read my book you would learn all the non-toxic construction materials and reclaimed resources used in building the structure I designed based on bio-mimicry.

    My tiny house is not only my home where I live a zero-waste lifestyle, but also it is an education module from which I hold sustainable lifestyle design workshops.

    Hopefully, next year, I will add a small wind device too!

    Little to no footprint, economically viable and socially responsible covers all three legs of the sustainability stool.

Jennifer Cabaud - October 18, 2015 Reply

Vera you are a major inspiration to me! I am so attracted to the tiny home phenomenon! We have sicx little cabins from the 30’s on our property that I would love to put on trailors and make tiny homes out of them. Have you ever heard of anyone doing that?

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