Tiny Yellow House – Episode 4

Roly West’s Cabin In Maine

Here’s another brand new video for “Tiny Yellow House”- well, kinda, as this is another one that was shot spur-of-the-moment, on a flip-camera, which we had bought on impulse, 3 hours prior to this shoot!

Deek says: “We need small sponsors for these videos (the ones that we shoot on REAL equipment (a Sony Red Camera- HD)- so email Deek at kidcedar@gmail.com if you’d like to reach a TON of people (continually- as these videos will always be up there- unlike print media). In a little over 2 months now, we’ve had a collective 30,000+ views of these hokey little videos., which has far surpassed my expectations! Thank you!

If you can please sponsor Deek and his Tiny Yellow House Videos, I personally really look forward to his videos as they are both educational and entertaining. I plan to sponsor him as I can and hope you will too.

17 thoughts on “Tiny Yellow House – Episode 4”

  1. Once again, you glorify someone who has a small living abode, but has crap strewn all over the outside property. We are supposed to be “Good Stewards” of our plot, not Junk yard purveyors.
    Humans are the only species that Craps in our own yards!!!
    Please choose more wisely in the future just whom you plan to idolize!

  2. That’s a bit of a harsh judgement about ‘junk’. Not everybody can or wants to live in a magazine picture perfect world and having potentially useful items on hand is an important part of a frugal life and a valuable local resource. As long as the material is not improperly stored, toxic, or hazardous and is kept in a reasonably private area it’s less of an actual problem than someone who has a perfect yard but depends on a whole network of offsite hazards to maintain their ‘lifestyle’. In this particular video I don’t know what you mean by ‘crap strewn all over’, I just see a few ordinary outdoor things like canoes, tools, chairs etc. used by people who like to live a full life, not just pose. You do need to tarp up outdoor items like BBQ’s etc when you’re not using them, so maybe it’s just that stuff that looks like crap to some people.

  3. I enjoyed episode 4, nice family.
    I agree with Alice the junk comment was indeed harsh. I’ve never looked at my canoe, BBQ & tools as junk. This is life & a family living the way they want to live it. I bet there are lots of wonderful memories in that place.
    In reply to Coutch, Get real, we all don’t have picture perfect dressed homes, or property just waiting for a photographer to happen along.
    Great job West Family.

  4. Being from Maine myself, this is my favorite episode of tiny yellow house, man you made me really miss home with this video! Growing up we spent many many days/weeks with family friends that own a camp just like this on parker pond up by farmington. I am now landlocked in colorado, but cant wait to get home for good someday, keep up the good work Deek.

    To the guy above that commented on the “clutter”, I dont see what your issue is with this place, I think it is beautiful, I guess some people live in a bubble…

  5. What a great episode, and what a great family! These are the sort of people you hope to meet on the life adventure, to learn from and enjoy along the way – who have been recycling, and DYI long before those terms ever came into use. Good going, Deek and Dustin!

    I only hope we can all have that sort of ‘junk’ in our lives. The canoe paddle thing is the coolest! Roly could make a tidy bundle just marketing that thing…”Roly’s Canoe Gyropaddles” – Made in Maine!

  6. Thanks all- and esp. Kent

    And Coutch, I think you need a hug!

    Where was “Crap strewn all over their property”? I only saw a canoe (they are right on a lake afterall), a shed/workshop, and an outdoor shower). keep in mind, its a summer-only vacation cabin, built on a budget and on a tough-to-access plot.
    Your place must be immaculate! Please send photos.

    Too funny….but hey, to each their own- its what makes life a heck of alot more interesting. Honestly. If we all thought identically, this planet would be BORING.

  7. Great video. I get jealous just thinking of the good times the must have at such a retreat! Does roly sell any of his creations online??? I especially like the loonbass. Funny stuff. Keep up the good work.

  8. I noticed a “West for State Representative” sign.. Hopefully he won the election cause’ he is a terrific representation of a true Mainer. Sweet cabin! Roly is a real hoot.

  9. As the grandaughter of roly west I must say its really neat to see that someone took a interst in the “camp”, as it is lovingly called. Though it was opening time and things were messy, I cant help but be proud that we were noticed.

  10. The place seemed incredibly cozy, and with non-stop stories behind it.
    Not sure if it was mentioned, but we met Roly, Norm, and Sue only about 3 minutes before rolling video- talk about super-friendly, fun, easy-to-get-along-with, people! Thanks to them for letting my brother and I into their summer home.


  11. This is Sue, Roly’s daughter. I’d like to let you all know how special this video has become for my dad. This little camp means the world to him and our family. To see these compliments on the kind of family we are and the way we like to have fun, have really touched him/us. And yes there are millions of memories and stories here. Thanks so much to Deek and Dusty for the perfect representation of our spot. We hope to see you floating around the lake again sometime soon!

    • What a comforting old-school cabin in the woods. I wanted to just take a nap on the porch when Roly said he would sleep there that night if there was no East wind. You seem to be a great family and I wish you many years of peace and harmony in this very special place.

  12. Thank YOU Sue- it was our pleasure….and we hope to see you guys down the road again at somepoint. Best with all- have a great summer, and thank Roly again for us.

    -Deek/Derek (and Dustin)


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