Tiny House Magazine Issue 60

The holidays are here again. Time to figure out what to give and where to put the gifts that are given. Living tiny helps you think outside of the box and standard gift practices. Think more on the lines of giving experiences, digital products, gift certificates or giving to a charity of your choice. There are many options out there.

Tiny house living is a lifestyle and it can change. Lora Horton Freeman shares how tiny house living is changing for her once again. Life changes may cause us to change what we thought would be a permanent way of life to something completely different. We need to be open to this and flexible in our thinking.

Tiny house living is exploding across the country and you can experience it through the many tiny house events across the county. Go meet the people who are living your dream. Learn the pros and cons of tiny living. The different ways to do it. Living on a boat, in a skoolie, van life, or a tiny house on wheels. As 2017 closes I look forward to many new changes in the year to come.

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90 pages of great content including the following:

  • Side-door Container Outdoorsy Home
  • Bear’s Tiny Homes
  • 5 Minutes With Steph
  • Where We’ll Be Living
  • Seen & Scene
  • Why Tiny House Lifestyles Will Make You Question Everything
  • Happier Holidays with the HC1
  • Choose Holiday Traditions That Serve You
  • Taking The Back Road
  • The Tiny House Appendix
  • and much more…

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Happy Holidays!

Kent Griswold

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