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August 26, 2020

Tiny House Engage is Open

Tiny House Engage

Tiny House Engage is Ethan Waldman’s private online community where you get unlimited Q&A, support and accountability from your peers, weekly live office hours, and more!

  • Tiny House Engage has contractors available to answer your plumbing and electrical questions.
  • Weekly video office hours so you can get talk through your tiny house challenges and questions and make solid progress.
  • Tiny House Engage is available to help you through every part of your Tiny House journey, with hands-on advice and support.

What You’ll Find Inside Tiny House Engage

Advice and Accountability
  • A private group, with accountability and togetherness, to help make sure you’re making good decisions for your tiny house.
    A mix of members who are still planning and others who are already living tiny ensures there’s always something new to learn.
Unlimited Q&A
  • Answers from the experts.
  • Trained contractors are available to answer all your questions, from plumbing to building to lifestyle design.
  • Monthly webinars covering topics that you care about
Dedicated Training Library
  • Unlimited access to hours of information to help you through the planning and building phases of your tiny house.

Tiny House Engage accepting new members to Tiny House Engage for the next week, or until they reach 20 new members, whichever happens first.

Click here to learn more and to join.

(This is an affiliate link and the Tiny House Blog gets a small percentage of your entrance fee. This helps keep the Tiny House Blog running. Thank you!)

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