Tiny House Decisions with Ethan Waldman

If you choose to build a tiny house it can be time-consuming, overwhelming and it expensive. With the right education, it doesn’t have to be.

Tiny House Decisions is the place to start.

I know if you could move in tomorrow, you would do it in a moment.

However, when you start to see the thousands of choices you will have to make you build your house or choose a builder you may become overwhelmed.

Here are some questions you may be struggling with:

  • Can I actually do this myself?
  • What if I have to move to my house?
  • Which building system to go with: Framing? SIPs? Metal Framing?
  • What kind of tiny house trailer to use?
  • Can I actually do this for the limited amount of money I have saved?
  • You’ve watched plenty of tiny house tours on YouTube. You’ve found books on framing your house, doing your own electrical wiring, and even the legality of living in a tiny house.

What you need is a guide that brings all these answers together. A guide that will take you from start to completion. Walk you through the research, planning, the building and eventually living in your tiny house.

Tiny House Decisions is a comprehensive field guide to help aspiring tiny house dwellers like you make the right choices for their unique homes.

Click here to get your guide and all the details.


Tiny House Decisions has been completely revised and expanded to reflect how tiny houses are being built in 2019.

This comprehensive second edition goes far beyond what Ethan did in his own tiny home and provides detailed guidance on all the latest building techniques, trailer styles, insulation materials, and more.

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