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Hello! Joe Everson here with Tennessee Tiny Homes! First off I want to thanks you for featuring us earlier last year on your awesome blog! I just wanted to let you know of some awesome stuff coming up real soon for us. We were just featured in The Commercial Appeal, Memphis TN’s only paper. I have had an overwhelming response!

I am taking my second tiny home on a tour from February 11 through 18. Eight days and seven citys! Nashville, Knoxville, Asheville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Memphis! We also will be in the local papers and live on the local news at each location!

We are also working with several banks hoping to offer partial financing on our future home! Thanks for your time and let me know if you have any questions.

Here are the dates. As soon as I get the Lowe’s locations where I will be in each city, I will post the addresses too! So please plan to come and see the home if you can.

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  1. Joe will also be at our Wilmington, NC workshop to speak/present (April 26th-28th), and show the attendees a tiny house on wheels….in addition to the 900 things we already have planned over the 3 day, hands-on, workshop. Relaxshacks.com

    Joe, best of luck on your tour! Have fun with it!


  2. Love those tall windows. Interesting that some financing options are forthcoming, hopefully that critical mass will soon be reached where insurance becomes an attractive prospect to some companies as well.

  3. I saw on facebook the same poster but with addresses, I’d add it but don’t know if I can do that through comments, sorry. Good luck with the tour!

  4. YIPPIE!!! FINALLY a tiny home coming my way to see first hand! Can’t wait to hear which Lowe’s in Chattanooga! I’ll be there! THANK YOU for making the tour through this part of the country.

  5. I’m in Atlanta and definitely interested, though I have a birthday party to attend that day. Please let me know what the deal is and what time?

  6. The colors of this tiny home are very attractive. Love the windows, too, and nice pitch of the roof.

    Where I live, if the roof has a good pitch,snow melts right off, and there are no leaking problems. We built a seasonal small home (270 sq ft.,with a same size screened porch)-for our family of four, in northeast PA. Our neighbors wih complicated rooves, have leaks in the winter.Snow sits there too long.

    Nice job on your home. Would love to see a tiny home in person. We are half off the grid. Honesdale, PA is nearest city. There is a Home Depo tin Honesdale. Also, the area is full of second homes, vacationers, outdoors people-campers and canoeists, etc. Hope a Tiny Home owner visits our Home Dept someday!

  7. Howe can I become a distributor for you. I”m on the main hwy between Clarksville, Dover, Land Between the Lakes, Paris, Tn and Cadiz, KY. I have lots of room for you to put your homes on to sell,.


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