Tennessee Tiny Homes

Tennessee Tiny Homes

Tennessee Tiny Home

by Joe Everson

My name is Joe Everson and I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you a little about myself and my brand new business, Tennessee Tiny Homes. I was in the residential and custom home business for over 15 years until I left to take a job in law enforcement which I did for almost ten years, until starting a security business which I now run. What I wanted to talk with you about today is Tennessee Tiny Homes! I’m very excited that I have finally found something that I love doing!

I researched tiny houses for over a year on the internet and just as I was about to build my first tiny home on a trailer, a family member of mine, who has special needs, needed a place to live. I withdrew my life savings and started a 12 ft x 20 ft tiny home on a foundation on my property so that he could have his own independence, but I could keep an eye on him.

Well, the cost of his tiny house added up quickly and I realized if I finished it I would not be able to start the tiny house on a trailer so I stopped midway thru his home, moved him into my house with my fiance, and started my first home on a trailer.

loft window

A little bit about the home…
Its on a 8 ft x 16 ft heavy duty 10,000 lb tandem axle trailer. It was framed using only new premium lumber. It has cedar siding and industrial strength heavy gage aluminum on the roof. Everything was screwed and glued using 3″ screws. There is not a screw in this home that missed target. In a combined 50 years experience between my foreman and I, we have never seen a home built so right!!! I put a lot of love into this tiny little home! We are almost finished with the exterior, lacking the front windows which we are custom building and the front porch which will be a lean-to style to optimize space.

full view of the tiny house

The interior will be all wood with stainless counter tops and appliances, a bathroom with shower and compost toilet, and a loft area above the kitchen bathroom area. The living room will have vaulted ceilings and a flat screen TV mounted to the wall. A portable freestanding ac unit and faux fireplace will heat and cool the 100 or so sq ft home. I hope to have the home finished by the end of this month. I’m going to list the house on the Tiny House Listings, which I learned about through you and your website, for $30,000 once it’s complete.

If I don’t have a buyer by the next month I hope to take the little home on a tour across America and Canada to try and drum up some business for my company.

Joe Everson
Tennessee Tiny Homes


roof detail


flat screen tv in living area

entry way

loft and kitchen


another kitchen view



sleeping loft


  1. I read that a school in Sweden was renting these out for $300 us Dollars for students…imagine if a major university builit about 200 of these on a campus area…I would jump on it, for one…and could roll my little IQ right up to the door. This IS the direction that America needs to take (even if not this drastic) I think that small tiny house communities would benefit the country and that cities would be impressed with the amount and caliber of variety of people who would occupy them.

    “They put up a bunch of ugly boxes…and Jesus People bought em…they called it paradise…” The Eagles, Last Resort

  2. Missing vital stats like: how are they heated, cooled,electric hookups, what? any idea on utilitiy bill est for a month. what is your water supply and how is toilet hooked up. do they need to anchored to the ground for safety? need more details like these answered in your material as the homes look great and speak for themselves except the means and cost to operate one.
    thanks and good luck, i think you will sell a lot of them.

    • Bout to start work on our 5th tiny home! They hook up with a garden hose and extension cord plugged into an outlet, generator, or solar setup. Utilities run from $0-30! Can heat and cool anyway you can a regular home. Toilet can be compost, rv, or reg! Anchors are nice but not necessary. Thanks!

  3. Wow! The tongue weight has to be overwhelming, with so much weight ahead of the tandem axles. Why not switch the front porch to the tongue or maybe a side entrance?

  4. I am really interested in a tiny home but have no idea where I can put it. how do I find a rent space or even land to buy that allows a tiny home.