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September 2, 2020

Off-Grid Workshop at Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay

Eatonton, GA – September 1, 2020: John and Fin Kernohan, owners and hosts of Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay, are pleased to announce another installment in their series of hands-on workshops and retreats!

Off-Grid Workshop at Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay

September 18-20, 2020
Eatonton, Georgia 31024

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Interested in what living off-grid is all about? Do you enjoy sleeping under the stars? If so, then join John & Fin Kernohan for the Off-Grid Workshop at Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay.

Get away, relax, enjoy, learn, have fun, and camp in the Georgia woods on The Kernohan’s beautiful and secluded 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay!

This 3-day retreat, which will include camping, off-grid workshops & learning sessions, great food, night-time activities… PLUS great fellowship & fun!

The cost for this weekend retreat is $149.00 per person and includes:

  • Meals Provided: Lunch (Saturday & Sunday), Dinner (Saturday) and Breakfast (Sunday).
  • Workshops and Educational Sessions…
  • Solar Energy: Build a 400watt solar system.
  • BioGas: Learn how to create methane gas for cooking fuel as a replacement for propane and natural gas.
  • Rain-Water Collection: Discover the benefits of safe and sanitary rainwater harvesting and its uses. Also, build and add an additional 55-gallon collection drum to one of the existing rainwater collections systems.
  • Composting Toilets: See and learn how different industry composting toilets, such as Nature’s Head and Separett, and DIY Composting Systems are used at Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay. Also, learn how to RESPONSIBLY turn black matter from composting toilets into organic soil instead of irresponsibly dumping the contents of composting toilets into landfills, garbage cans, or WORSE!
  • Off-Grid Heating Solutions: See and discover the advantages of “passive solar heating”, the use of a solar thermal heater, and the difference between wood burning stoves and energy-efficient wood burning stoves.

Night-time bonfire & fun.

John and Fin Kernohan have been living for 8.5+ years in their 304sqft, DIY, off-grid cabin and have created their 16-acre oasis in the Georgia woods known as Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay, which offers parking areas for tiny homes, vans, and skoolies, as well as having tiny houses, a skoolie, a yurt, and a tree house available for short-term rental getaways.

For more information about the United Tiny House Association, Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay, and the upcoming Off-Grid Workshop, please contact John or Fin Kernohan at 706-623-4332 or

Some photos from around the Homestead via John Kernohan

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