July Tiny House Work Parties and Workshops in the Pacific Northwest

Dee Williams and the gang at PAD Tiny Houses want to help you learn to build your tiny house right the first time. They’re hosting two Tiny House Work Parties over the 4th of July weekend (to celebrate independence from debt) and twelve lucky participants will get valuable hands-on experience working side-by-side with Dee Williams and Lina Menard building a tiny house before they start swinging the hammer on their own.

The first Tiny House Work Party will start building the tiny house that Dee Williams will be taking on her nationwide book tour for her upcoming memoir, The Big Tiny, due out in 2014! On the second day of the Work Party, participants will help put up the walls of Kate Goodnight’s tiny house (Kate is the Naj Haus blogger: http://najhaus.com)

If you’ve just started on your journey toward tiny, and aren’t ready for building yet, PAD is also offering their trademark weekend workshop called “Tiny House Basics: Introduction to Design and Building” on July 20 & 21st, 2013. Click here for more information on those workshops.  And for more information on what PAD’s Tiny House Work Parties are like, see their recent blog post “Tiny House Work Parties: Barn Raisings for the Tiny House Community.”

framing walls

shed roof house

completed tiny house

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