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August 21, 2019

Is Tiny House Engage right for you?

I’m so pleased to share one of my favorite Tiny House products, brought to you by my friend Ethan Waldman.

Tiny House Engage is back.

So… What’s Tiny House Engage?

  • A comprehensive video training library to help you plan and build your tiny house
  • Answers from the experts. Trained contractors are available to answer all your questions, from plumbing to building to lifestyle design.
  • Advice & Accountability. A private group, with accountability and togetherness, to help make sure you’re making good decisions for your tiny house.
  • Monthly group coaching call on a topic you vote on.

Tiny House Engage is accepting people for 1 week, or until it reaches 50 new members, whichever happens first. Ethan is offering a special on an annual subscription, so lock in your membership now at only $19 a month.

Click here to join Tiny House Engage, and start planning your tiny house!


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