Did you hear about the couple who bought a van but…

I had to get your attention, right? Truth is, Issue 53 of Tiny House Magazine does have an article about a couple that bought a van, hoping to live the glamorous van life, only to find out it wasn’t all it was reported to be.

Along with almost 12 other articles, this is yet another quality publication you won’t want to miss out on. Articles include:

  • Builder Of The Month: Harmony Tiny Homes
  • Le Bon Café
  • A Deadbolt, A Dog and a 9mm
  • We Went All In
  • Tiny House 3.0 (part 2)
  • Walking the Walk
  • SHACking Up
  • and much more!

Tiny House Magazine has ushered in 53 great issues now that target those who are interested in the micro, tiny, small, and unconventional houses that are finding their way into the American subconscious. So why wait any longer? Purchase your copy of Issue 53 right now.

For less than $5 you will be treated to more than 80 pages of images, articles, and insights. Get your copy now and dig a little deeper into the modern tiny house movement!

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