Petite Retreats’ Tiny Getaways & Road Trip

These days there really doesn’t seem to be an excuse not to visit a tiny house. They are everywhere and even more are showing up around the country. Petite Retreats offers not only tiny houses for rent but also teepees, yurts, woodsy cabins and covered wagons.

Petite Retreats lists a variety of tiny house getaways around the country.

Petite Retreats is a Chicago-based company that is a one-stop shop for searching for tiny house villages, vacation getaways and unusual places to stay near popular places like Yosemite, Portland, Ore., Lake George, N.Y., Orlando, Florida and Bar Harbor, Maine.

Many of the tiny houses are in communities like the Mount Hood Tiny House Village.

The company is offering these unique getaways as a way to experience living in under 200 square feet without making a big price commitment. Many of the tiny houses can fit up to five people and include all amenities like fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping lofts, parking and outdoor grills and picnic tables. The tiny house rentals cost $135 per night.

The tiny houses rent for $135 per night.

Other Petite Retreats include cottages and covered wagons.

The more unusual getaways include a teepee and covered wagons in southern California, cabins near Seaside, Ore. and yurts in campgrounds in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington. The teepees and yurts range from $52 to $69 per night.

Petite Retreats Tiny House Road Trip will be stopping at locations around the U.S.

In addition, Petite Retreats are marketing their little getaways the tiny house way. Henry and Clara of the Tiny House Road Trip will be visiting various places around the country this summer in a THOW and a Ford truck.

Photos by Petite Retreats

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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