The Great American Tiny Home Building Contest to be held in North Carolina

What does a tiny house or small house community look like? Does it have a community center? Can you grow a garden? Can you have chickens? It is near a pedestrian friendly city? Who knows? The conversation has taken place in a number of forums, on a number of platforms, and around many a campfire. Towns like Spur, Texas have launched large scale marketing campaigns to bring out tiny house enthusiasts and posture themselves as tiny house friendly towns. But for one reason or another none have truly been as successful as anyone would hope and this is especially true on the East coast. I think that is why I am so personally excited for the Great American Tiny Home Building Contest (click here to read more about the contest or if you are a builder and would like to enter) held at Coral Sands Point Recreational Village near Lexington, NC.

Coral Sands is a park model tiny home resort located on the Abbot’s Creek section of High Rock Lake near Lexington, NC. Established in 2008, they were literally “tiny when tiny wasn’t cool.” I first came to know about the community in 2010 or so. Coral Sands offers deeded, waterfront lots for sale (or lease) for park model, RV-style tiny homes under 400 square feet. They have the land, you bring the tiny home. They do occasionally have lot+cabin packages available and currently have two. One is 298 sq.ft. with a sleeping loft (no bedroom) and the other is a 398 sq.ft. with a full sized bedroom (no loft). The community currently has 21 tiny home lots for sale or lease.

Coral 1

In addition to being able to own your land, each site has its own private pier and floater and is allowed the use of the concrete boat launch, swimming area, bath house, and other amenities not available to other High Rock Lake homeowners. 

Coral Sands Point is a fantastic option for the tiny home enthusiast looking to OWN a tiny (or small depending on how much of a puritan you are) lakefront retreat instead of a more costly, higher maintenance lake home. Because the Point is a land-condominium project, each owner also owns a part of the entire property so it a good option for those who like the idea of lakefront land ownership.

Coral 2

It is important to note that Coral Sands Point is unique and may not appeal to the more conventional, off-the-grid, fly-under-the-radar, tiny home enthusiast because the community has a minimum width of 10 feet (considered a wide load) which requires a special movement permit when transported (and sometimes a pilot car). Because Coral Sands primarily sells their lots, the premise of each home and resident is that the tiny home is not intended to be moved often, if ever. Coral Sands is primarily a vacation retreat and to comply with local regulations, no mail may be received there although there is no limit to the amount of time our owners can use their property. POA dues are $800 per year but that covers all electricity, water, garbage service, wifi, and common area maintenance.


In addition, Coral Sands Point only allows certified park models, many people think they cannot build their own and that is just not the case. Part of their quest with the aforementioned Great American Tiny Home Building Contest is to show individuals how they can get any tiny home on wheels, regardless of width, certified to the proper RV ANSI Standard if they want to use it in a location that requires it. The community intends on having a few DIY units on site after the contest is over.

  • Tiny Home Lot Rental (with pier and floater) – Annual Lease $5000-6000 (depending on location on the Point)
  • Deeded Tiny Home Lot (with pier and floater) sales price = $54,900
  • Deeded Lot as Xtra Boat Slip/Parking (also has a pier and floater) sales price $34,900
  • Owner-financing and lease-to-own programs with flexible terms available

By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Wilbour - February 17, 2015 Reply

Without a doubt there is no pleasing EVERYONE, but it’s nice to see another niche being addressed. If we can take the best of RV lifestyle and mix it with land ownership/pride then this would be very appealing to a segment of tiny home owners

    Aaron - February 17, 2015 Reply

    Lot rental is not land ownership. I’d rather own my own land.

Sue - February 17, 2015 Reply

I’m sure it’ll appeal to a certain group, which is great; but for me, I’d rather be part of an interactive, sharing, working, pitching in type of community.

Karen LaGrasse - February 17, 2015 Reply

Are dogs allowed? If so, are there weight/other limits?
Please respond, very interested.

    Andrew M. Odom - February 17, 2015 Reply

    Yes Karen. Dogs are allowed. They are required to be on a leash when not on your lot. There is no weight limit either but regarding weight and breed, common sense should prevail.

Jane Ferguson - February 17, 2015 Reply

Why don’t you accept International entries?
It’ll make the contest more fun to see what other countries are doing. This Tiny House Movement is World Wide, now.

Lisa E. - February 17, 2015 Reply

While this will have appeal for some, once again the main stumbling block are the high prices. The write-up references the off-gridders; some people truly just love the off-grid lifestyle, but for others, off-grid is the only style they can afford and I sincerely hope that there will be those who will address this group, too. I’d hate to see the THM get swallowed up by people looking to make a killing off of the novelty of the THM only. (We’ve got a long way to go, yet.)

CJ - February 19, 2015 Reply

Just did a podcast with Christopher Carson Smith, creator of Tiny: A Story about Living Small. Check it out!

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