Hanging Out On Google

As we continue to unlock the “secrets” of being a digital nomad or really just dissecting some of the elements of being one, we can’t go much deeper without first talking about basic video conferencing and screen sharing. It is so important to have the ability to share a screen with a teammate or client or even be able to “see” each other eye-to-eye. We introduced this option and the very notion of Google Hangout at any rate in a recent digital nomad video.

Bundled into the FREE Google toolset Hangout allows you several opportunities to connect with your clients or colleagues and also allows you to do so on any computer, tablet, or handheld device via their robust Tools.

I invite you to spend the next 4 minutes watching this short video on hanging out. Just hover over the video image and click on the red, centrally located, standard YouTube play button to view.


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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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