MINI Camping Concepts

MINI has a diehard fan base and is teasing them with several new concept cars that may or may not come to fruition. The problem with concepts is that anyone wanting the item aches for it to be available On the other hand, it gives those with imagination and tools the fodder to run with the idea and ask “how small can you go?”


The Clubvan Camper is being called the world’s smallest luxury camper van and the basic Clubman has been adapted to provide sleeping for one person by removing all the other seats besides the driver’s. The bed (with storage underneath) extends from front to back on the passenger side of the vehicle and the space behind the driver’s side becomes a kitchenette which extends on rollers out the pair of rear doors. The kitchenette includes a two burner stove with slide out counter space, storage and a chest refrigerator. The Clubvan also has an auxiliary heater, a small flatscreen TV and a handheld shower designed to be used outside the vehicle.








MINI presented this concept along with two other “overnight solutions” concepts that can be integrated with any MINI: the Countryman ALL4, a camping tent that can be mounted on the roof of any MINI or MINI Clubman, and the MINI Cowley, a bright red teardrop trailer.



Photos by MINI and GizMag

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

14 thoughts on “MINI Camping Concepts”

    • I don’t think there are plans but you can mock up what you need with cardboard or thin plywood to fit your space. It’s what I have done when re-outfitting a boat hull or van.

  1. Ooooh! The upsatirs camping ‘compact for sleeping (and ladder) : Where can these be purchased in Spain or UK and cost please.

    • Christine, you can do a search for “pop-up” or “roof top tents” and see what comes up in your part of Europe. The size would depend on the size of your vehicle and luggage/sport rack.

  2. I gave this some serious thought years ago to buy a tiny car, remove all the passenger seats and convert it into a solo traveler. It would be a great way to do some stealth camping while touring North America.

  3. I did much the same thing to a 1963 International Harvester Scout in 1979 so I could toss my gear in and go camping or ? with little or no fuss.

    So this idea is nothing new. But it looks to be a great little package of kit as the Brits like to say.

  4. I’ve always thought vehicles like the Honda Element or the Ford Transit Connect would be good candidates for mini campers.

    In fact, a neighbor of mine has a pop-up installed in the roof of his Honda Element. I should get a tour of it!!

  5. This reminds me of a documentary about how folk in the 1920’s would take long road trips, converting their cars into campers. Glad to see it’s coming back. As a kid, I’ve slept many a night in a Ford LTD station wagon.

  6. I spent a couple of months in a mini van set up myself much like this winter in Canada and from Toronto to Texas and bact to Alberta by myself. Loves every second and had a blast. I have now spent 11 months living and working out of a camper van. Need some repairs so took a room but can’t wait to get back into my van. The more time I spent doing this the better it gets. When I get back to my BC shack I stay in the Van. Why not. I’ll keep working on the shack because I’m an old bugger so may need the room down road but this project has tought me how much I can live without on a full time basis.

  7. Sorry but I can’t take these things seriously. For what a Mini costs in Canada by the time it’s turned into an RV it would be approaching the $50,000. mark so in my mind it is totally impractical when there are so many alternatives available with room for a crapper & at least ONE companion besides your dog.


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