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June 19, 2019

Cass Community Tiny House Raffle Gives Public Chance To Become Instant Homeowners

On Monday, July 8th, Cass Community Social Services (Cass) will draw the winner of their Tiny Home Raffle from the 1,000 tickets currently available, to help support their Tiny Homes Detroit community. Each ticket is just $50, a remarkably low barrier of entry for someone becoming an instant homeowner!

We’re hoping you would help Cass promote their mission of Fighting Poverty, Creating Opportunity, Building Community by interviewing Rev. Faith Fowler about Tiny Homes Detroit and this unique opportunity. I’ve also attached a graphic with information that we’d love for you to share with your audience.

Since its first home was erected in 2016, Cass Community Social Services’ Tiny Homes Detroit community has garnered attention from media outlets across the country and around the world and has been featured in a string of viral videos that have been viewed (cumulatively) hundreds of millions of times.

One of those views came from a woman in Omaha, Neb. who did much more than ‘share’ it with her friends on social media. She called Cass Executive Director Rev. Faith Fowler and offered to donate a 190-square-foot house to Cass.

Manufactured by Tumbleweed Tiny House Co. and less than 5 years old, the home includes a kitchen with full-size appliances, gas-powered stove, bathroom with a shower, loft with room for a queen-size bed and a small living room area.

However, because the new home is on wheels and each home in the Tiny Homes Detroit community is built on a foundation, Rev. Fowler asked the donor if Cass could raffle it off to support the construction of a new tiny home on their campus.

After using her 60th birthday to raise $3,675 from her Facebook friends to support her 1,500-mile round-trip, Rev. Fowler and her assistant returned to Detroit with a once-in-a-lifetime raffle item.

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