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7th Annual Georgia Tiny Home Festival

Tiny House Festival

The organizers of Georgia’s longest-running tiny house event, the annual Georgia Tiny Home Festival, is coming back to Macon, GA, on April 30-May 1, 2022!

7th Annual Georgia Tiny Home Festival / Tiny House Macon (aka – Safe Haven RV Park) / Macon, GA / April 30-May

According to John Kernohan, Chairman of the United Tiny House Association and Co-Founder, along with his wife Fin, of the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals, “We are so excited to be bringing our 25th for-charity tiny house festival, the 7th Annual Georgia Tiny Home Festival, back to Macon… and more specifically to Tiny House Macon, which is located at Safe Haven RV Park!”

Founders John and Fin Kernohan have already organized 24 of their For-Charity Tiny House Festivals, including the six largest tiny house events on record in the World, and the first-ever FREE Online Tiny House Festival, as a means of promoting awareness of the tiny house movement and as a source of philanthropy to support great causes and charities.

To date, The Kernohans and their organization, the United Tiny House Association, have raised and given away over $731K from the proceeds of their 24 for-charity tiny house festivals to over 100+ charities and causes

“We are so excited after having some involvement in the development and growth of Tiny House Macon these past two years, we are bringing our annual Georgia Tiny Home Festival to this beautiful location, which allows for an environment where we can provide another of our for-charity tiny house festivals that is fun, safe, and healthy for attendees & participants,” stated Fin Davies-Kernohan, Executive Director of the United Tiny House Association and Co-Founder, along with her husband John, of the For-Charity Tiny House Festivals.

OVER 50 Tiny houses, skoolies, van conversions, vardo wagons, and other styles of small homes are currently registered for the 7th Annual Georgia Tiny Home Festival! Returning will be all the tiny homes (tiny houses on wheels, shed conversions, skoolies, bus/van conversions, vardos, and more) for touring & viewing. There will also be tiny home celebrities & leaders from the tiny home community, live music, speakers/presentations, vendors/artisans, food concessions, and MUCH MORE!

FREE ADMISSION for children (ages 12 & under), on-scene first-responders,
badged-law enforcement, and military (retired, active & discharged)!

The Kernohans celebrated on December 2, 2021, their 10th Anniversary of living in their 304sqft, DIY, off-grid home “Beloved Cabin” and they travel the country in their towable 148sqft tiny house, the “Tiny Firehouse – Station No. 9”, which is a tribute tiny house honoring emergency responders, and supports fundraising for fire stations.

The Kernohans welcome guests from around the World to their 16-acre Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay, and can be seen and heard on various news outlets and programs such as HGTV, DIY Network, GAC, MSN, AOL, TODAY, CNBC, FOX, USA Today, “The Rachael Ray Show”, JEOPARDY!, multiple YouTube channels, numerous magazines, podcasts, websites, online blogs, magazines, and newspapers from around the World. Their newest book, “TINY Talks: Communicating BIG with Love & Laughter” is a humorous and loving account of their 12 years together living around the World and their tiny lifestyle.

Additionally, The Kernohans recently wrapped up filming for a new tiny-lifestyle television series, which will be coming out this Summer 2022 on one of the top major television networks.

For information about the Georgia Tiny Home Festival, the legal right to live in a tiny home, or the tiny lifestyle, please contact either John or Fin at 706-623-4332, unitedtinyhouse@yahoo.com, or www.unitedtinyhouse.com.

Georgia Tiny House Festival

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Richard from Tiny House Richee - March 2, 2022 Reply

I love the fact that the Tiny Home movement is so huge that it has a whole festival dedicated to it. We’re making real estate fun again!

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