Make Space in Your Tiny Home for a Miniature Home

Most tiny houses are measured in square feet, but how about we visit some even tinier houses that are measured in square inches? The art of miniatures homes is sweeping the internet with charming, hidden rooms made for mice, fairies, or other tiny creatures.

This tiny mouse house was integrated into a wall and features motion lights.

April Lawrence

These minuscule spaces are not traditional doll houses, but rather little rooms integrated into a wall, cabinet, or bookcase. They usually include tiny furniture, objet d’art, lighting, and even tiny inhabitants. The process of finding the space and the items for these little homes is a fun, creative process that can be quite meditative.

Your imagination can run wild with these creative miniature homes.


During a previous visit to Burning Man, I visited the Storied Haven art piece by Five Ton Crane artist collective. Built to look like an “Old Woman in the Shoe” house, the exhibit featured tiny houses for mice and other small creatures built in between the floors and miniature scenes carved into hardbound books. The homes came complete with tiny furniture and even tiny lights run by batteries.

The Storied Haven Burning Man art piece features a mouse house in the walls and a gingerbread family in the wood stove.

Storied Haven

A recent video by The Sorry Girls featured Kelsey of the designing trio building an itty bitty mouse house inside a deep crack in her staircase wall. The house features a loft, fireplace, staircase and even a tiny wine glass for a cozy night in.

Kelsey Marillis of The Sorry Girls built a tiny mouse house inside a brick wall.

The Sorry Girls

Here are some more of the most creative miniature houses to grace a crack or crevice. These secret spaces give homes of any size a little extra character and might only be noticed by the most keen of eyes or creative of souls.

Do you have space in your tiny house for an even tinier one?

A tiny cathedral in a bookcase by Marta Souza.

Marta Souza

A cozy mouse house by Andrea Davenport.

Andrea Davenport

Materials and furniture for miniature homes can be purchased as kits.

Little Craft Place

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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