12 Months of Guided Simplicity

For the last few years, I’ve contributed to A Simple Year: Twelve Months of Guided Simplicity. The course is the brainchild of my friend Courtney Carver—founder of bemorewithless.com and Project 333—and I’m thrilled to be part of A Simple Year 2017.

Course Overview

Imagine what it would feel like to breathe a little easier, and feel lighter moving through your home and life. How would things change if you started taking steps to be less overwhelmed, busy, sick, or tired?

If there was less on your plate, fewer decisions to be made, less stress about money and relationships, could you be happier, healthier, and feel more at ease?

Living simply provides so many benefits, but sometimes it can be challenging to maintain a commitment to long-term change. If you look forward to living with less stuff, less stress and less obligation so you can have more time, money and energy to pursue what means most to you, choose to live a simple year.

A Simple Year was designed to help you simplify your life gently and with purpose. You’ll learn something new each month and focus on what matters most with a simplicity advocate that specializes in topics like clutter, food, money, relationships, and busyness.

Each month you’ll receive written articles, plus an audio or video recording. There will also be a live monthly webinar where you can connect with the contributor, ask questions, and meet other people on a similar path. The live webinar will be recorded and provided so you can watch it anytime. You can even submit questions in advance.

Here is a quick overview of what’s included in the course:

  • new content every month all year long
  • live monthly webinars with recordings
  • private online group for support and connection
  • optional homework assignments with surprise bonuses for completing your homework

Because we encourage you to go at your own pace, we’ll give you a PDF at the end of the program with all of the content, and links to all webinars, so you can revisit the material anytime.

Read the full course syllabus, FAQs, and become a Simple Year member here. The course begins on January 2, 2017.

And last but not least my friend Courtney Carver wisely noted:

“Maybe A Simple Year isn’t the answer, and there probably isn’t just one answer, but I want to encourage you to take a step towards change. You are brave and strong enough to answer the call. Big change comes from hundreds of tiny steps and they all matter. You don’t have to have a perfect plan for the next 10 years or even the next 10 days. All you need is an open heart and the next step. Not all the steps, not a big step, just the next one. You’ve got this.”

I hope you’ll join Courtney Carver, The Minimalists, Cait Flanders, Brooke McAlary, Marc and Angel, Anthony Ongaro, Colin Wright, Jules Clancy, Erin Somerville, and myself, as we guide you through A Simple Year.

With gratitude,

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Sara - January 8, 2017 Reply

Have had ADD MY entire life. Now, at 75 years old and facing the possible start of dementia it is imperative that I simply my life. I am hoping this can help me accomplish that goal.

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