hOMe Video Tour

hOMe Video Tour


Last week Gabriella Morrison introduced you to their new hOMe. A tiny house on wheels. Gabriella sent me the note below and I wanted to give you this update.

Thank you so much for all of your interest and positive comments about hOMe! The response has been so amazing that we have created a walk through video tour by request. In it we show all the details and nooks/crannies that make up hOMe.

You can follow the Morrison’s blog at www.TinyHouseBuild.com


  1. lOVED THE INGENIOUS DESIGN AND BUILD. It seems like perfection. You should know that the audio was very low so I had a hard time hearing it on my new HP lap top. Didn´t have audiophones to boost the volume. Check your sound control.

    Excellent, inspiring work

    • Hi Jake,
      I listened to the video on my ipad and the sound was great. My husband has a HP laptop. The sound is awful. I suspect the problem with the sound quality could lie in your laptop.

  2. This is probably the best, most well thought out and designed tiny house I have ever seen, and the most polished presentation (both website and video) of any you have presented. Nice job, Gabriella and Andrew!

  3. Lovely. I would want stairs, too, being middle-aged and not as limber as I used to be. I would give up space in the bathroom to have a bathtub, what I call a “poor man’s hot tub.” I saw solar panels out there and would like to know more about how this house is powered and where the water comes from and goes–how off-grid could this set-up be? All in all, this is an amazing well-thought out space. I am really impressed and inspired. Also wondering the weight: I know those cabinets and full oven and fridge have to weigh a lot. What kind of rig do you have to have to move it? Thanks for the video and sharing your home with us. : )

  4. This was a pleasant presentation. Love all the details and knowing there are more to come.
    The self-contained composting toilet is something I don’t know much about. I’ll do some searching. My concern is how much energy/time/smell is experienced with this.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is one of the best tiny houses and tiny house videos yet. It’s good to see how the space is used and what some of the thought processes behind the decisions are. People with iffy knees take note, stairs are better than ladders but you may not be able to crawl around once you get up to the loft. Make sure your knees can take it. I know mine can’t.

  6. Well, it’s a nice little house. A few questions. Isn’t it a bit top heavy for trailering? Also even most trailers have an rear exit for safety. I haven’t seen many tiny houses with rear egress case of fire.

    Last but not least. Mr Morrison should give credit where it’s due. Almost the entire inside of this home is from IKEA. The kitchen, the bathroom sink and all the interior storage. He makes it sound like he did this all on his own.

    • Hey Ken! Somewhere either in this video or on their blog they specifically state they chose the furniture from Ikea and designed around it. 🙂

      • I believe his mention of IKEA must be in his blog. I just watched the video in its entirety and heard no mention of IKEA. Definitely like the self-sufficiency of the composting toilet. No need to worry about black water … but he did not mention anything about his water collection (does he have a reservoir somewhere? or does he have his water delivered?) Overall – a very nice REALISTIC overview of a larger tiny home. I know I couldn’t manage in 100sqft but 221sqft like his — much more possible…

  7. I sometimes wonder if road worthiness is even an issue sometimes. Seems like the major reason for building on a trailer is to skirt zoning laws.

    Yup it’s a trailer, just look, there’s wheels under it.

  8. This is the best video I have seen yet on showing and explaining the insides of a “Tiny House” along with why you both made the choices you did. Thank you! As my wife and I go through the “Can we do this” process of moving on the the tiny home lifestyle, this video has set my mind at ease.
    It would be nice if you can elaborate the same way on your power/water/waste management. Are you completely off the grid? Do you have to truck in your propane? You do not have the washer/dryer setup under the stairs. Do you have one somewhere else? Finally, what made you chose the pitch in the shed roof design? Was that an obvious or is there room to change it? Could a flat roof work? Sorry – so many questions but very excited from this video. Hurry with the plans! 🙂

    • I would like more info on that toilet and how it works and I also wondered about why there was no washer/dryer combo. That is an essential to me!

      If they are in that spot permanently I’d say they probably have a tank and propane delivery. Much easier! And I wondered too if the solar array gives them all the electricity they need?

      I felt like he explained their choice of a shed roof well. It seems like the angle could be adjusted though to make the low side a bit higher. The extra head space, storage space and room for more windows would be nice if that is doable. Of course if it is a snow area the pitch might be necessary to prevent accumulation.

  9. Beautiful home..! I love the design & open airiness that the windows bring.. Over all I think your tiny home was well thought out and great inspiration to other tiny home builders… Hope to see more in the future.. Thanks…!

  10. This is the most helpful thing I’ve seen. So many tiny home pages don’t provide info on how things work and it’s rather frustrating. Some don’t even mention such things as a bathroom making you think there might not even be one. It gets frustrating. He very carefully explains the entire house. I would like to understand that toilet better though.

  11. Thank you for the ladder explanation! I’ve been trying to figure out an affordable ladder for my loft since my studio was built 8 years ago. Breaking it down the way you did- now I can get my husband to make me one. Right now I’m using half of a standard aluminum ladder, and it takes up a lot of space. With this wooden ladder, you could lift it off, fold it in half, and then hang it horizontally to open up floor space. So thanks again for the tip!

  12. I guess really bad design will will just keep getting built the owner or a visitor falls down the non-code stairs and breaks something.

    Even better and more educational is when the designer and builder are sued for making an unsafe “product”.

    Too bad that a nice design will be tagged as unsafe!


    • Well, the designer, builder and owner are all the same person, so if he does fall, I think it’s a pretty safe bet he won’t sue himself. That said, people did mention the lack of a hand rail in the previous post about this house. He replied that he just didn’t want one but that anyone else is free to do what they want in their homes.

  13. This is the best designed small house on wheels that I have seen. Great choices and details providing a completely livable and beautiful home. Well done! I would love to order one of these if it was available. lisa

  14. I first found Gabriella and Andrew’s website through your blog, and now I’m hooked on the idea of my own tiny house. They make it seem so do-able. Thanks for the introduction and for posting this great video!

  15. I love this tiny home! 3 questions: We live in Florida-does it have A/C? Where do you do your laundry? How do you dispose of your gray water?

  16. When I saw that the video was 28 minutes long, I thought, well, I’ll just watch a little bit and maybe watch the rest later. I was so caught up in it, that the 28 minutes flew by. It was so interesting and I felt like I was right there to converse with Morrison. Great video and even greater tiny house!! Love the house! So much storage and love those clean lines!!

  17. Love Love Love this home!! Great ideas, just enough of everything that you would need.
    Question. Do you ever miss a real comfy chair or sofa, where your legs hang down (vs always having them straight out on the beds…..)
    Where does the shower drain go to?
    Thanks for the great tour!

  18. Really GREAT design and so many thoughtful details. Although we are nowhere near ready to “go tiny” I’m truly inspired by watching folks who have, and suspect that someday we’ll be incorporating these ideas. (We have lived on boats before, which is essentially the same thing, so I know it can be done!)

    But I’ve followed your Baja adventures on your blog, and now this, and can’t help but wonder — what happened to Terra? It seems to clearly be just the two of you in this tiny house, so the curiosity is understandable. 😉

    LOVE the stairs, the bath and kitchen design, the windows, the shed roof… oh, heck, I love the whole design! Rock on!

  19. Very well done Andrew and Gabriella. A great little ‘big’ house! Brilliant use of space, so well planned. Video presentation was very good. May you continue to live happily and productively for years in your wonderful home.
    PS Love your gorgeous dog too.

  20. What a wonderful, detaied video! You have done such a great job creatng an elegant home that really flows. I love the way you live so simply yet it looks comfortable. I am sure I am not alone in dreaming about living here!

  21. I loved the design. You obviously put a lot of thought into it before you ever started building which is how it should be. One question regarding the composting toilet: If I put one in my (permanent structure, not on a trailer) tiny house, is there any reason I can’t recess it into the floor a bit to make it a more traditional height? I will be having members of the public in my home and the idea of stepping up to the toilet might be disconcerting. Overall a great design.

  22. Thank you!! Great tiny house. I agree with the other posts that this may be the best one, overall, I’ve seen. I also love how most of the tiny homes I’ve seen are using a lot of IKEA cabinetry, etc. The U.S. has a long way to go to meet the need for affordable, well designed and made products for the home that are also beautiful!!! I also love that this didn’t cost an arm and a leg like you see in some tiny homes. This cost seems reasonable and realistic. THANKS again!

  23. I loved seeing the tiny home in more detail. After several years, I’ve still not figured out a way to build or get a tiny home in the location of my desire (partially financial and partially no available land in a desired location).

    However, I’m really interested in living with minimal materials. I would love to know what kind of vacuum was in the house. It was shown in the video, but the brand and name was not mentioned. Is it possible to tell me before the video on the vacuum is made? My current one may need to be replaced soon.

    Thank you!

  24. Love the overall design and the stairs are sooo clever…I would nix the bathroom sink and opt out for a tub/shower…but the presentation is so professional….you kids did a fantastic job.

  25. I loved the tour,very bright and practical.The only flaw I saw was I would have moved the hinge to the other side of your office cabinet,so that you could continue working without having to get up to get things you may need while working.So there is my complaint.

    LOVED IT !!!

  26. So neat! Curious about couple things – how wash clothes. What do you do with seldom needed items such as fancy party dress n heels you only wear at funerals n christmas. Or a tourist item you picked up or baby blanket-memories. What about when you see a good sale on toilet paper. Financially it is better to stock up but im curious about your philosophy? Very interesting.

  27. I was brainstorming about building a similarly configured structure out of a 40′ Shipping Container (I see that someone is selling a 50′ Spartan Mobile Home online, and that is 10′ Longer than a 40′ Container) and adding a Shed Roof, Wheels, Insulating, Necessities, Etc. In my case putting the living quarters at one end (possibly having doors work as a deck with Fold Down & Up Sections added) and a Sleeping Loft with bathroom below and a roughly 36″ walkthrough to the larger Studio area for my main creative/professional endavors.