A Meeting of the Tiny Minds

On Sunday, December 7 at 12:00 noon Pacific time, From Left to right… Jay Shafer (Tumbleweed Tiny House Company), Kent Griswold (TinyHouseBlog.com) Michael Janzen (Tiny House Design) Steve Weissmann (Tumbleweed Tiny House Company), Bill Kastrinos (Tortoiseshell Shell Home) and Stephen Marshall of (Little House on the Trailer) crammed into Jay’s 89 square foot tiny house and spent two hours sharing ideas and stories. And as Jay stated to break the ice and get things rolling called it “a meeting of the tiny minds.”


Rather than repeat what went on, I want you to go on over and read Michael’s version of our meeting. He was the initial reason we all came together so click here for the rest of the story… and enjoy some good reading.

4 Comments A Meeting of the Tiny Minds

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