Tiny House in a Landscape

Kent, here is a photo of the cottage that I lived in during college. Later, my family of four lived here for a summer. The house sits in the backyard of my parents home, and they currently use it for morning prayer, coffee, and breakfast on the porch, and as a guest room when family comes to visit.

The majority of it was built in 1998 out of two dilapidated tool sheds. It is on a pillar foundation and is about 25 x 12 with two main rooms and a storage loft. The loft is easily large enough for a queen sized bed, but not quite tall enough to stand up in. It is the maximum size allowed for a backyard “shed” without having to apply for a building permit. It also is without running water, but it does have electricity. It is a very comfy, cozy cottage with a beautiful porch area. This picture was taken the morning after Christmas, after a blizzard.

Jesse – Searcy, AR

tiny cottage

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    1. Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural

      Believe it or not, there’s about 6-9″ of snow there. It may not sound like blizzard levels of snowfall, but there’s a few definitions of blizzard and the other conditions met those. One of the scariest nights of my life with the trees falling everywhere. I lost power and cable for a week. Driving up to Hot Springs looked liked Big Foot came through and knocked down trees like they were little sticks. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

  1. Cheryl P.

    I think the cottage is darling. Isn’t that a lot of snow for Arkansas? I was raised in Lawrence County, AR and it hardly ever had snow. I am related to 90 percent of everyone in Arkansas (maybe a tad of an exaggeration but not much) and I notice they talk about cold weather more than they used to.

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  3. Tanya

    Beautiful! I would love to live here, although it might be hard to fit my family of nine! Our house is 740 sq. ft. plus a low-ceiling sleeping loft, a tiny house if you account for square feet per person.

  4. Sandra Allen

    My mom lived in Harrison and Yellville, AR for 5 years. One winter, the snow and freezing rain knocked out power to them for 9 days. Luckily, she was a Missouri girl and had wood heat, lots of supplies, etc.

    I love the house. And I have seen it hail in Tucson so weather “ain’t what it used to be”.

  5. Carolyn B

    Very nice and it looks bigger in the photo than I was expecting. A loft you “almost” can stand up in –that’s a luxury in tiny homes.

  6. Mimi Day

    Looks like something out of Norman Rockwell. the simplicity is wonderful. Just curious, how did you handle no running water?


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