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I recently featured a teardrop trailer builder in Eugene, Oregon on the Tiny Yellow Teardrop blog and was pleased to find out that the family-run Oregon Trail’R company is one of very few companies to offer teardrop trailer kits. These types of kits can be perfect for people who are interested in building or owning a teardrop trailer, but don’t possess the skills, time or tools to build one completely from scratch.

Jon and his brother Sawyer of Oregon Trail’R create and supply a solid foundation for their FronTear style trailer. This includes precut walls, a floor, doors, bulkheads, partitions and spars. The buyer can do all the assembly themselves or Oregon Trail’R will begin the build and the buyer can finish it themselves. The buyer supplies the frame and chassis, galley and interior cabinetry, lighting and any other finishing details. Oregon Trail’R can also supply a custom frame designed for a 5×8 foot trailer for $1,300.




“The major design and build problems come already solved,” Jon said. “We don’t include all the little parts and pieces and trim to finish it out, which allows the client some freedom to really make it their own.”

Depending on what’s needed and the client’s location, each kit will be priced individually. However, a fully designed and built base trailer costs around $9,000, so building one yourself could save you thousands of dollars.

Frank Bear of Teardrop Trailer Parts also sells kits and frames for the tiny trailers. Both the frame and kit can be built for a 5×8 or 5×10 size teardrop trailer.


Photos courtesy of Oregon Trail’R

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]


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  1. This is great! I’ve thought a tiny teardrop would be good for me as a wonderful way to camp. (And maybe even live for a little.) I love that this comes in a way that allows you to put it together. Brillian idea, thanks for sharing it.

  2. the only thing that’s kept me from seriously looking at these in the past was the cost. $9000 for instance is a LOT of money, especially when small campers depreciate so quickly. You can find barely used teardrops or small pop ups for half that price.

    So it’s nice to see a kit offered at a reasonable price.

  3. Hey there every one,

    Already living in my “Lil’ House,” I can tell everyone. It is great. Teardrops are fantastic if you are going to continuous be towing or using the rack. This is not for the claustrophobic. Also. make sure you have R-30 insulated the entire unit, plenty of electric for heat and a/c if you like a/c and entertainment. Just thing of spending a humid summer night in a car trunk. I can send pictures of my “Lil’ House to anyone who wants to see.

    IF you need the extra room and are not going to be “full timing” in their tear drop or anything else, I know of some space in the Poconos in northeastern PA.


  4. I just love the whole tiny house concept. If fact, I’m considering putting one in my own back yard as a display model and selling them. I feel there are so many applications for them. Maybe it could help a your couple getting started, maybe they can be used to reduce homelessness, maybe parents have children fresh out of college but cannot find jobs but need a place to stay and the parents need privacy. Ideally I want them to be off grid so you can put them anywhere. Can anyone help me to get this off the ground.

    • The frame is a custom size. We offer one with the kit that is built specifically for our teardrops. We can also send you the necessary dimensions, so that you can have one fabricated locally. Thanks for the question!

  5. hello
    I’m from Brazil jaraguá hill in the south – Santa Catarina
    I loved the the his videos on Youtube and am passionate about camping
    you could send me the plan or project Traile to my email
    because I would like to build one here in Brazil.
    thank you

  6. love your teardrop concept.im, in australia.what are my chances of getting plans or kits to build my own id appreciate your reply, thank you bill.


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