Small Cottage for Sale in Seattle Area

Small Cottage for Sale in Seattle Area


Jes Brown was doing some research for low cost homes in the Seattle area and came upon this listing. I thought you might enjoy seeing what is out there too.

Move in ready-this cozy free standing cottage offers new carpets, paint, updated kitchen with maple cabinets and new tile backsplash. Patio & garden space is partially fenced for privacy. Excellent location close to freeway access, shops, movie theater and much more! Excellent use of space with lots of windows making the home open and bright. Great condo alternative. Stop renting & enjoy the benefits of home ownership! Arch home affordable housing, subject to income guidelines. The cottage is 510 square feet and listed at $157,790, you can view the MLS listing here.


    • You can build that house for $100.00 a square foot. You are simply being greedy. The whole idea is to get away from this kind of thing, not replicate greed on a smaller scale.

  1. Very cute! but at $300 sq ft that’s awfully expensive. Are property values in the Seattle real estate market that high? I’m on the east coast and our market prices are no where near this…lol.

  2. you can buy a small three bed room two bath house, in my small but surprisingly cultured town (we have the second Carnegy hall here, live theater, modern dance performances, art galleries, coffee shops and book stores) of Lewisburg wv. Walking distance to a state of the art new library and quaint down town historic district for that price.

  3. Without being too mean, this is well beyond anything Tiny houses are about. I am of the feeling that the tiny house masses are about simple & affordable housing, without having to mortgage your life up to 30 years, (ie-being a slave to ones possesions) am I wrong? just sayin’….

    • Hi Jon, I try to cover a wide range of what is available out there. Some tend to be on the high end and some on the low end, the object is to show what is available to someone wanting to downsize. There is also the extreme tiny and than the smaller home that more that one person could live in. I agree about mortgaging your life away, which I think the majority of readers would like not to do and I do not want to encourage.

    • Actually, I find $157K to be quite reasonable for a cottage in a major city near lots of amenities (depending on the city, of course). Not all of us are looking for something uber-spartan or built from shipping pallets. I also contend that small houses have a place in cities as infill, and not just as country cabins or part-time getaways. That house price is probably based significantly on the lot and location, not just the structure itself.

      Likewise, I’m not offended at the concept of paying a mortgage, although I confess that I am 34 and have never owned a credit card or been in debt. I have a problem with owning more house than I really need (approx. 450-600 sq.ft. in my case), which in turn implies a bigger mortgage than is really necessary. However, I personally don’t have a problem taking out a loan to purchase a useful, durable asset, although that presently is not my plan.

      • Woodinville is not actually part of Seattle. It’s a suburban town to the northeast of Seattle. The suburbs here tend to be suburbs of more than one city, and sometimes of each other. A person living in Woodinville might work in Seattle, but could just as well work in Bellevue or Everett, or in another suburb like Redmond.

        In my opinion, small houses work well in places where they are surrounded by interesting neighborhoods, parks, and business areas. The developer who built this little house did a pretty nice job on it and the other smallish houses that surround it, but the area itself doesn’t have a lot of character. I would feel claustrophobic in a tiny house with nothing in walking distance but strip malls and warehouse stores.

    • Oh… Too much gray and beige, I think… (As if Seattle isn’t gray enough at times, with all the rain. Beautiful area though.)

      I have relatives who bought a nice 1930’s two-story Colonial, in a Seattle suburb, for $20K forty years ago. It is now worth a million dollars – even during this housing bust. Albeit expensive, the cost of this little home is, sadly, well in line with Seattle home values. Crazy…

  4. Unfortunately these homes are usually smack dab right in the middle of a decent neighborhood, and lower values of surrounding neighbors. Plus they just do not fit in and look ridiculous in a regular neighborhood. The concept of this “green attitude” is all a joke in a situation like this as basically you are now using 6 toilets, sinks, power etc… instead of one dwelling, one family on one lot. There is a place for everything, and this is not the place or the space for cottage housing.

  5. $157,790 — Just thinking: Given costs for licensing, hookup to electricity water and sewage and foundations (this is not a house on wheels), I would say it’s an excellent deal! In my country, even an equal-size flat with no garden would cost at-least twice in many areas.

  6. The cottage in the picture is adjacent to mine. Its in a development called Greenbrier. Its a great little community with two trails and several wine tasting rooms.

    I just put my cottage up for sale if anyone’s interested. You’re welcome to contact me even if you just want to see the place.


  7. I am looking for small homes, cottages, carriage houses, separate mother in law homes for sale in Seattle area, King county, Snohomish county