Philippines Nipa Hut

Philippines Nipa Hut


Alvin Gregorio, Assistant Professor, Painting Art & Art History at University of Colorado recently collaborated with artist Donald Fodness in creating an exhibition for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, in colorado. one of Alvin’s inspirations was the traditional Nipa hut from the Philippines. a basic bamboo and palm frond bungalow that was the domestic space for much of his family over the last few generations.

Alvin and Donald created a sculptural form that was inspired by the simplicity of the Nipa hut. Although it is not large enough for much other than shelter for sleeping/resting, Alvin wanted to share it with you.

You can view more of the artwork from the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art here. Thank you Alvin for sharing this inspirational little structure.


  1. That looks like the perfect hut to wait out a rainstorm in down at the bottom of the garden. Could have used it the other day!