Hartman Kable’s Container Home

Hartman Kable’s Container Home

surf shack
surf shack

by Derek (Deek) Diedricksen

Hey Kent, thought you and your readers might enjoy a really cool Container Home Tour that Christopher Smith (“Tiny: The Movie”) and I put together when I was out in Seattle for the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Workshop that I was a guest speaker at. Hartman Kable’s (http://kabledesignbuild.com/) surf shack has been featured in Readymade Magazine, and elsewhere, in the past, but this is its first real video walk through. The place is pretty clever, as you’ll see!

And….here’s an episode of OFFBEAT SPACES that was just released- a partial tour of my backyard workshop, where we’ll also be holding my “Tiny House Building (Hands-On) Workshop” here in Stoughton, MA on November 2-4. More details at www.relaxshacks.com.


  1. That sloping floor in the wet bath makes tons of sense. Seems much easier than trying to make a central drain and avoids using a shower pan for a floor. A bit sparse in there for my tastes but very practical and well thought out. Lots of clever takeaway ideas.

    • liz goertz – St. Croix is a wonderful place!!! I lived there three years, working after hurricane Hugo in 1989….LOVED every minute of it!!

  2. I may be wrong, but it looks like he is using some sort of key or widget to turn the release for the fold outs, to me, this just seems like a bad idea where you will constantly be looking for your key and can’t open your table and chairs and etc. Might be a good idea for the next model to have finger turned release mechanisms.

  3. I have been excited about the tiny home solutions since first seeing the Tiny Tumbleweed Homes on tv. I have a brick ranch home, but I AM NOT a brick ranch home person. I don’t have a large budget for building from scratch, but I am planning to turn a 12 x 28 storage building into my tiny house.
    My biggest issue is the formaldehyde that my bldg will be treated with. I plan to use the insulation advertised with one of the bix box buidling supply stores that is supposed to blcok out a lot of the fumes, but would love some advice about paint/stains/wall or floor coveringsthat might lesson the fumes.

  4. I’m planning on buying some land near Bellingham, Wa sate and want to put a tiny home on it, but I don’t have a big budget. I would like to have a water catchment system as well. I would really appreciate ideas. Thanks Oyster

  5. I love the design! I wish I knew more people that were into tiny homes and designs. Are there any upcoming events near the NYC area?