Tiny Portable Dishwashers

Tiny Portable Dishwashers


A portable countertop dishwasher eliminates dirty plates while saving energy and a little of the environment, too. Plus if you have a tiny house space is very valuable so a small dishwasher is a must.

Wash up to four standard place settings (10.5″ max diameter) with the convenience of operating right on your countertop. At just over 17″ tall, this EdgeStar portable countertop dishwasher (model: DWP45ES) has a low profile that fits comfortably under most cabinetry—no permanent installation required.


ENERGY STAR certified, the DWP45ES dishwasher consumes a measly 200 kWh/Year, or approximately 61% less energy than similar countertop dishwashers. And in addition to saving energy, this model wastes very little water as well. The DWP45ES has been designed to use less water per load than hand washing.

Extremely easy to operate, the EdgeStar DWP45ES countertop portable dishwasher features full digital controls with delayed start option, a stainless steel interior, a powerful spray arm, an included silverware basket, a rinse agent dispenser to minimize water spotting on dishes, and an internal water heater with sanitary wash cycle that eliminates germs and bacteria by boosting water temperature up to 158°F. The included quick connect faucet adapter and five foot hose make hookup to almost any faucet simple.

To see a selection of tiny portable dishwashers starting at $239 and two different sizes go to Compact Appliances.



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  1. I love the idea of this one, but I bought one about 3 years ago and it just didn’t clean very well. I ended up having to do everything by hand anyway, so I’m not sure they’re really worth it. Something small seems like the way to go, but maybe the cleaning mechanism is different on this one than on standard size ones?

    • i currently own one and i had the same problem, it just didnt clean very well. well, i remembered from my childhood my grandparents telling me when i would load there behemoth of a dishwasher that “a dishwasher is really for sterilizing anyway” it was never really meant for ACTUAL washing and i was instructed to scrape the plates and other dishes so they were free of any stuck on food like mashed potatoes. now that i do that, mine cleans like a dream. i would part with it for the world.

  2. I have one of these, and they’re really quite decent. Like a lot of lower-end dishwashers, they can’t get rid of the tougher foods. It’s important to rinse. That said, they save a LOT of water and a lot of time.

    It’s worth noting that they’re significantly larger than a microwave. While they do save a lot of space, you should check the dimensions of the appliance against it’s intended space before purchasing.

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  4. My family used a unit nearly identical to that Danby for a few years while living in a small house. It has its drawbacks – as others have mentioned, it’s not reliable for really crusty dishes, and you have to hook it up to a faucet with a quick-connect hose, which adds to counter/sink clutter a bit. But overall it worked well, was not a power- or water-hog, and was a great time-saver. I’d also add that we got much more than the year or so of regular service we expected out of it for the price, and on the two occasions when something broke, Danby quickly sent replacement parts, free of charge. Unexpectedly good customer service.

  5. The smaller dishwashers are really a cool time-saver. 18 inch dishwashers as well, the ones made more for apartments or catering events. Some of them have the power to do the job of nearly a full size washer but on a smaller scale…really handy when every square foot counts!

    I haven’t used the countertop versions, but I would think those would be great for catering jobs.

  6. Small countertop dishwashers are great especially when you are pushing for space and nobody wants to
    manually do the dishes.

    We have a small club house which has grown to almost
    twenty members, no plates but we do have stained coffee mugs and glasses to clean.

    We purchased a Danby countertop almost three years
    ago and we are yet to have the first problem with it.It has definitely been put to the test and has proven to be a little trooper.

  7. Had a small countertop unit for a couple years. It was a waste of time AND counterspace. had to prescrub all the dishes and by the time I did that I might as well have washed them by hand. Plus they won’t wash any large items.
    It takes up more space than it is worth.