Small Shower for Tiny Spaces

Most likely your tiny house is going to have a smaller bathroom than a larger home. A shower is a very important feature to have. An attractive shower that fits into your small house is a must. For a visual centerpiece check out this unit by LineaAqua. Here are some of its features.

It’s bold, and it’s beautiful. This small unit solves the challenge of providing a smart shower solution for any tiny house or cabin. With the plumbing connections and waterproofing elements already in place, installing the shower will be a breeze.


The Nomad 32″ Square shower enclosure features dual sliding glass shower doors with top of the line smooth sliding quiet action.

The overhead ceiling rain shower will make your showering ritual feel like you’re in the rain forest.

The shower enclosure is made of a sturdy aluminum frame with clear tempered safety glass and dual handles.

Plumbing the sink waste-lines can be directed down through the floor, or, they can be routed through the exterior wall.

Pricing for this unit is about $1,399, so like many other small appliances you pay for quality that will endure the test of time.

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5 Comments Small Shower for Tiny Spaces

  1. claudia

    we are looking for a replacement wall for our shower in our boat. We need it to be 22″ deep by 42″wide and 72″ high. Do you have anything that would fit, or where we could look? Thank you.

  2. Jerzy

    I have very small place and I would like to install shower with measurement 24 inchesX 32 inches. What you dou you think about.
    Best regards,
    Jerzy ( Florida )


    looked over the info on this site a lot, hoping to take the plunge in the near future and buy a steam shower cabin, in all likelihood just
    after the holiday season

    Here is my page :: insignia steam shower (


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