Timber Frame Cottage

24’x24′ Hennin Post & Beam Cottage Plans by Shelter Institute.

Perfect for a vacation cottage or for the full timer living the small house and less is more life style. If your considering a super-insulated timberframe that reflects your lifestyle and goals.

Shelter Institute is an ideal place to start planning for a new timber frame. Pricing for the 24’x24′ Hennin Post & Beam Cottage starts at:


24’x24’pre-cut kit
kit raising
SIP** Enclosure
Install SIPs
metal roofing
Install Roofing
24’x24′ Subtotal
Plus your foundation, permit costs, etc. as of January 18, 2008.


Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Dining Room

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10 Comments Timber Frame Cottage

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  2. Mike

    Wow, that is exactly what I need to do. Are the SIP’s pretty efficient, and seal off the house well? Any idea of what a foundation that size cost?

    1. Kent Griswold

      Hi Mike – you really need to contact the company for those type of questions as prices are different everywhere. I’m sure they could give you some guidance on where to start…Kent

  3. KenC

    You can take a class there, where they teach you how to build your own house. I took one 30 years ago, and am building one now, 30 years later!

    1. Kent Griswold

      I have posted all the pictures available, interior and exterior. You could contact the company and see if they have more.


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