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Robinia a Tiny House Case Study

Sharon Bagatell and Dennis Hoffarth combine permaculture principles with passion for the planet in Robinia, a tiny house case study in pioneering an ecologically sustainable lifestyle for the future. Permaculture is way of life that integrates all dimensions of the human condition into a collaborative whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. […]

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Timber Framed Shed

timber frame tiny house

by David Stiles A New York Times writer once asked an Amish farmer, “Why did you build your barn walls five feet thick when you only needed to make them one foot thick?” The farmer’s simple answer was, “Why not?” The same question could be asked of anybody considering timber-framing a tiny house rather than […]

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Build Locally with Roundwood Timber Framing

local timber frame

Dimensional lumber — 2x4s, 2x6s, etc., are about as ubiquitous as suburban sprawl is in America. (Maybe there’s some kind of relationship there..?) 2x4s are an industrial product, only becoming a dominant building material in the last century. As priorities have shifted to speed, uniformity, and ease of production, more traditional building styles have fallen […]

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