Colin’s Coastal Cabin

Here’s a little bit of my tiny house building story and some of the things I learned in the process. I hope this information will help or possibly inspire a few future tiny house builders, in the same way I was greatly supported by all you guys who shared your stories before me. The best things about this project were the support I received from friends and family, and getting to learn so many new things this year.

completed cabin

Before I started I had a little bit of experience building. I’d built a shed or two and some homemade plywood furniture. Until a year ago, the stuff I built was almost totally designed from a functional perspective. But a few months before I started my project I had the good fortune to work on a backyard shed with my friend Steve, who taught me all about using salvaged and old materials. Continue reading

Small Space Big Fun

by Kathy Rollow

When Frank Fila, and his wife Kathy Rollow, first purchased their 1972 floating cottage they knew it was small, but thought it was perfect.

With pristine views of Norris Lake, the cottage quickly became a favorite weekend destination for family and friends.

Lake House

Over the next four years, the cottage underwent major renovations and transformed into a two story summer retreat that sleeps eight in a very small space. “Frank just can’t sit still. He is restless, especially in the winter, and the cottage gave him the perfect outlet for his creativity” said Kathy. With only one original door and small wall remaining, Frank planned and completed every detail of this remodel. “We spent many nights talking, planning, and drawing different floor plans on scrap pieces of paper trying to make the most of every inch of space. It definitely entertained us during the off season.” The original one story, flat top cottage was made out of redwood cut from the original builder’s property. “We were lucky enough that we knew the family of the builder. They have been a wonderful source of nostalgia and have been very excited to see the transformation.”

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Bryant’s Little House

It is so much fun to see people I know get involved in the tiny house movement. Recently Bryant Goodwin, the best friend of my former boss at Cable Car Classics, Inc. and a fellow co-worker emailed me and asked me to come see the little house he is building.

Bryant with his background of building cable cars is taking his skills and building a tiny house out of reclaimed materials. His base for his home is extremely unique. Using a reclaimed mobile home chasis and modifying it to the 8 foot width and than using steel road rail guards he has built an extremely robust base for his tiny home.

Bryant is also using reclaimed cedar, redwood and other materials all through the construction of his tiny house. He is just starting on the interior and I will be doing updated posts as he moves forward. Bryant is building this home in Santa Rosa, California and his shop is real easy to find, right off of the freeway. Bryant also plans to build many more of these. If you would like to see his little home contact Bryant via email at: Continue reading

Jason’s One of a Kind Tiny House

*Note Jason just sent me more photos (6-24). He is completing the interior. Stay tuned!

Jason contacted me recently about a house he has built and wondered if I would share it with my readers. I personally am inspired by Jason’s creativity with this home and thought you might enjoy it also. I am however going to turn it over to Jason to explain the build, so here is Jason.

The build took about 2 months from start to finish. We had a blast building it. We have had so much positive feedback on this tiny house, I think we will see more of this type of living in the near future, as a lot of people want a way out of the old wasteful paradigm of living, less is more in my mind. With no big mortgage to strap you down, you can have more time to do the things in life you really enjoy. Continue reading