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Wild West Wagon: Before and After

Ever since I was a child, I have been in love with Romani vardo or “gypsy wagons.” We have some space on our property that needed a little structure that was useable but not permanent and after searching through Craigslist and Tiny House Listings for years, I found a handmade wagon that I could fix […]

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Colin’s Coastal Cabin

completed cabin

Here’s a little bit of my tiny house building story and some of the things I learned in the process. I hope this information will help or possibly inspire a few future tiny house builders, in the same way I was greatly supported by all you guys who shared your stories before me. The best […]

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Small Space Big Fun

Lake House

by Kathy Rollow When Frank Fila, and his wife Kathy Rollow, first purchased their 1972 floating cottage they knew it was small, but thought it was perfect. With pristine views of Norris Lake, the cottage quickly became a favorite weekend destination for family and friends. Over the next four years, the cottage underwent major renovations […]

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