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Tiny Houses and Prohibitive Costs


by Jeremy Fitzgerald I have been following the tiny house movement for years. The one thing that turns me off is the prohibitive costs involved. Tiny houses would be a great solution for lower income people if the companies that manufactured and promoted them charged less (or used more reclaimed materials). For now, it seems […]

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Living Large in 400 Square Feet

Jon and Ryah Dietzen

By Alyse Nelson Jon and Ryah Dietzen’s 3-year plan entailed getting out of credit card debt, establishing an emergency fund, finding work closer to home, and having more family time. Sitting in their 1,700 square foot house, they realized it would not be easy to tackle their plan. So they made a move most people […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape is a studio loft over a garage. It was built by Pickell Architecture in Flemington, New Jersey. I like the unique design and how it blends in with the trees in the background. A great way to utilize space and make a single garage into a tiny home. […]

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