Blankenship Small Homes in Alabama

Royal one of my readers keeps me supplied with neat finds and this one is really neat and he shares some great advice too. Royal discovered these houses built in Ozark, Alabama and is going to give us a tour through them.

Last June, Mr. Blankenship of Ozark, AL constructed five small homes that are each only 500 sq. ft. They are 1 bedroom, 1 bath, with a nice front porch, living room and kitchen. According to the people living there, they are extremely well insulated and they can have their dogs there without any additional charge.

These were all constructed as rentals. (The housing market being what it is.) Each small house has a concrete parking area out front that is sufficient for two vehicles each. They are conveniently located within a block of the downtown area. They can walk to City Hall, the supermarket, the dollar store, the Methodist church, a couple of restaurants, and an art gallery.

The builder poured all the slabs in one day and once they started framing, they had all five of them framed, drywalled, and painted within 3 weeks. They have silver-colored metal roofs. And each home is painted in a different pastel color so it is easy to find which one is yours. The homes all have very small yards for minimal upkeep. And, it took less than 3 weeks for them all to be leased out for the year. Continue reading

Jon Wesson’s Cabin

***Update Floor Plan with Dimensions*** Jon Wesson is a big fan of the Tiny House Blog, and if he had his way, he would have a house 120 square feet in size. But, alas, he has two children and that just would not work. Instead, he built a smallish cabin (720 square feet) on Lewis Smith Lake in Winston County, Alabama – a large reservoir much of which is surrounded by national forest land. I’ll turn it over to Jon and let him tell you more about it.

We searched plans for a while and couldn’t find anything that worked for us, so we drafted our own design.  It’s a frame built house on a block foundation with Hardiboard exterior siding (to protect from termites, carpenter bees and other varmints) and a tin roof (Galvalume).

We used local subcontractors to do what we could not and the rest we did ourselves. We found some artisans nearby to build and install the cabinets and they did a great job. The open cabinets on each side of the sink give the illusion of space. The lower cabinet drawers give ample room for cookware and other storage.   Continue reading

The Loft House

“Learn by doing” isn’t that what education is all about and wouldn’t you think so in the field of architecture.

The Rural Studio is a design-build architecture studio run by Auburn University whose goal is to teach students both social responsibility while also providing safe, fine constructed homes with inspirational design for poor communities in rural west Alabama.


The project known as the 20K project is an ongoing project now into it 6th year. The project is based on trying to design and build and create alternative forms of housing on an extremely tight budget.

The project is based on the 20K limit to design and build a house for $10,000 for materials and with a proposed labor cost of $10,000, therefore not exceeding $20,000. Continue reading