Rough Cut Sheds

Rough Cut Sheds


Mark Kenny on the Yahoo Tiny House group discovered a cool company in his area called Rough Cut Sheds and I have been in touch with the owner Ron and wanted to share with you this option for a tiny house located in the Northwest in the town of Eatonville, Washington.

Here is what Ron says about their company:


We are a small company that is keeping our timber roots alive. We buy the best Douglas fir and Cedar logs available. Many of them come from old family farms that date back to early 1900s. We mill all of our own lumber and siding.

All of our products are built to the customers specs (door and window configuration, lofts, porches etc.) Shed prices start at $28 a square ft. They go up from there depending on options selected. We finish cabins with power, insulation, pine t&g paneling, woodstove flues, wood floors on request. Most finished ones are used as offices.

We start with seasoned douglas fir logs, mill them here on our own saw mill into lumber, timbers, and siding. We can build you any size cabin up to 200sqft. with any door and window configuration you want.

All our products are entirely portable. We build them here and deliver them complete with our own truck and trailer. All that is required is a level compact site. We have the capabilities to move them on site with a system of rollers.

All of our 1×10 siding is full 1″ thick with 3″ bats. Cedar siding is available upon request!

Our customers dictate the course of our business and most of our orders are for vacation cabins of 200 sq. ft. My name is Ron and I’ve been doing this 6 years now. Visit the Rough Cut Sheds website here to learn more.

Jerry and Barbara's Cabin
Jerry and Barbara's Alpine Shack
Cabin Delivery
Cabin Delivery
Portable Rough Cut Cabin
Portable Rough Cut Rancher Cabin
Interior of Show Cabin
Interior of Rancher Show Cabin
Don's Cabin
Don's Hay Barn Cabin

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  1. I love this look and feel, and I bet it smells awesome too! The screened in porch areas are a must where mosquitoes, flies, and yellow jackets are abundant. Thank you for this design!

  2. I am really , really interested in this company.
    If they have one available, how would someone get information on it as far as pricing and size?