Costa Rica Small Houses

Costa Rica Cabana

Over the Christmas Holidays my wife and two adult children took our family vacation. We headed south to the warmth of Costa Rica. This was our first visit there and we learned a lot about the weather and local customs during our two week stay in the country.

Of course anywhere I travel I look for tiny and small homes. Unfortunately, as with most of our travels we are dependent on public transportation and you have to grit your teeth as you drive by many great photos of scenery and homes. I was only able to get a few pictures of the local houses and a couple of the cabanas or cabins that we actually stayed in.

In rural Costa Rica I discovered that the average house ranges in size from 400-600 square feet. Usually a simple rectangular home with a small entry porch. The interior is divided into two or three small rooms.

Even with what we consider to be small homes, I discovered that the Costa Rican people are very happy and content with their lives. Life is slower and everyone seems to enjoy living with what they have. Lessons that we need to learn in our own country.

Costa Rica Home

In the towns and cities you will see a range of homes from small to very large.

The weather in Costa Rica really varies. In the inland mountains, or the rain forrest it rains almost constantly and this was the part of our trip we really were not prepared for as we had brought clothes for the warmer beach climate and thought the rains would be more like Hawaii, warm and short. Not the case in Costa Rica.


We spent our last week on the Pacific Coast near a beach in warm weather and enjoyed playing in the water, watching sunsets and walking the beach and collecting shells. I have attached a few pictures showing the local homes and some artwork of them too.

home artwork

home artwork 2

typical home artwork

home on the beach

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Gary in Bama - March 12, 2013 Reply

A friend of mine lived inland near the gold forrest.His house was 14 x 28 on 5 hecters of land.By village standard he was well off.He hated the summer rainy season and would come home to alabama till fall then go back.He perferd life there said people were more fun and laid back to.

Rebecca - March 12, 2013 Reply

I’ve known several people who’ve moved to Costa Rica and love it there. The scenery and the houses are beautiful!

TomLeeM - March 12, 2013 Reply

I think those are really nice. I like how they are nestled among the trees.

Serge Young - March 12, 2013 Reply

If could only learn to temper our desires and live with what we need. These simple semi-indeginuous homes work with the landscape. Another great lesson to learn from them.

auntie char - March 12, 2013 Reply

Jajajaja…I had the same cold experience in Monteverde…I have been to CR several times and am making plans to move there…People are wonderful as lng as you don’t have the ugly american attitude…Yep it rains during the rainy season, cleaning and refreshing the spectacular natue…The casas are tiny…That is because most living is done outside…My future home plans include a 10×24″ home with a 24×24″ covered patio for actual living…I have made wonderful friends there and can hardly wait to live PURA VIDA. Thanks for todays time to daydream… Hugs…Auntie Char

marcia - March 17, 2013 Reply

I agree with you Auntie Char. I lived in Costa Rica from April – November 1976. It rained every day for about 2 hours. After that, it was clear and sunny, and everything was fresh and washed down. So wonderful. I loved the little farm house I lived in. There was a gap of about 6″ between the top of the wall and ceiling. My stove was made of 2×4’s, sheet metal and wood ash. I had a rain catchment system and running water in the kitchen sink. A chicken laid an egg on my pillow each day and the mangos were warm from the sun right off the tree.

There has been so much development there. I had a really hard time finding my road on google maps, even though there is a significant landmark nearby.

Shell - March 17, 2013 Reply

Love the pictures and the info. Thanks so much for sharing it : ) I live in Portland, so the rain probably wouldn’t bother me too much, huh? ; )

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