Marcia’s Caboose on HGTV

Admirers of Marcia’s Soo Line Caboose, which was featured in 2011 on the Tiny House Blog, will be able to get more of their caboose fix at the end of the month. Marcia’s tiny house, built in 1909, will be featured on HGTV’s show “You Live in What?” on Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 9 p.m. EDT. Each episode features several unusual homes and HGTV contacted me and the Tiny House Blog to film and feature Marcia’s unusual abode.

“It was an awesome experience,” Marcia said about the two days of filming of her home. She mentioned that the filming was a bit of a challenge since her caboose is only eight feet wide. The 337 square foot caboose sits on a 30 foot train track on Marcia’s 5 acre parcel in Northeast Pennsylvania and cost her $6,000 when she purchased it in 1976.

“Thank you for posting my caboose on the Tiny House Blog,” she said. “I received so many positive responses from your site which, in turn, set things in motion for HGTV. Thank you and keep up the good work. I love the the tiny house movement that seems to be gaining monumental support.”


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

20 thoughts on “Marcia’s Caboose on HGTV”

  1. Love it- and well, caboose conversions in general….I’ve also been hosting a new mini-show for HGTV called “Extreme Small Spaces”- coming fairly soon….we’re actually still looking for a few otherwordly places to tour/film to round out the rest of the episodes….if you know of any, let me know…. -Deek

  2. Deek – I’m glad to hear that HGTV is going to do small spaces, I get so darn tired of 3500 square foot houses have rooms that are too small.

    And this caboose – I loved it the first time it was shown here, and still think it’s special. I hope I catch the show when it is shown.

  3. There is huge need for the general population and traveling population in eastern Asia. We farang are the glue that would hold projects like these together, on larger scale.

  4. Where can one purchase a caboose? I would like to place one on my river lot and build it out, which has an old train tressell, that stretches across the river. If the track was still there, it would run right through my property. I would like to place the caboose where it looks like it is coming off the tressell, with a walking path substituting for the track.

  5. Looks like a cozy cottage and a place I would like to have someday. I absolutely love these types of homes, individuality & creativity, plus the bonus of smaller spaces. Simplicity at it’s finest! Awesome!!


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