20 Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

container plans

by Tom Woods

Today we’ve got something perfect for anyone looking to build their own tiny shipping container home.

As most of you probably know the shipping container home movement has grown considerably over the last several years- in fact we’ve covered some on them on the blog here and here.

Shipping container homes can be converted to make the perfect tiny home and we’ve seen some incredible homes over the last couple of years.

I’d like to thank Tom from containerhomeplans.org, who got in touch with me earlier on this month to offer the readers of Tiny House Blog a pack of free tiny shipping container home floor plans.

If you’d like to download the .pdf version of the floor plans please click here. Continue reading

Gone with the Wynns

mo torhome and smart car

By Alana Morgan

Gone with the Wynns is the unscripted tale of a quirky couple – Jason and Nikki – who traded in a normal, everyday life to satisfy their dream of adventure and returning to nature. The young couple left their home and jobs in Dallas at the age of 28 for a life on the road and haven’t looked back since sharing their tips and experiences on their popular website, Gone with the Wynns, and YouTube channel. Follow on Instragram @the_wynns. Continue reading

Tinywood Homes Extend Living Space with Gazebos and Hot Tubs

Aidan Reeve of the Tinywood Homes company in Warwickshire, England has been a professional designer and builder for over 20 years and created these tiny and luxurious little homes for glamping purposes. However, these well-designed structures (with optional wood heated hot tubs) can be lived in full time. The Tinywoods are rented in the Warwickshire area, but if you live in England, the homes can be purchased and delivered and installed on your property. Continue reading

Downsizing is a Means to an End

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Tiny Transition and Downsizing begins on June 28th

Mariah’s 8-week E-Course, Tiny Transition and Downsizing, is now open for registration. Class begins June 28th. The Tiny Transition and Downsizing e-course shows you step by step how to downsize, de-clutter, and clear your mind and space, all within a supportive, motivating group of like-minded friends throughout the journey. The practical weekly lessons and private student-only forum allow you to make progress at your own pace within a group of like-minded friends on the same journey.

I’ve been told that the group is a catalyst for lifelong change.

The lessons are designed to take all of the overwhelm and confusion out of downsizing and simplifying, and transitioning into a smaller space if that’s you’re intention.

Hi, I’m Mariah. And I used to be a hoarder (it’s okay, I’ve come to terms with my past – we can use the H-word now). Continue reading

Dwayne’s Tiny House Project

tiny house

Dwayne shared a larger home he built sometime back and he recently contacted me about another build he is completing. You can view his cottage home from the last post here.

Dwayne says: I just built a 60 square foot tiny home on a trailer. This model does not have a restroom but it has AC, a fold down custom bed, hardwood flooring, vaulted ceiling, and electrical service with ceiling and exterior lights. Continue reading