The Tiny House: Planing Your Reclaimed Lumber

There is something to be said for revisiting experiences. No matter how much progression the tiny house movement makes there are still some fundamental lessons to be learned. One of those lessons is how to properly salvage wood. There is some misconception in just pilfering wood from an old barn and tacking it right up as an interior wall. That very wood has typically been exposed to the elements including mold, mildew, animal effluvium, and the like. It needs to be cared for including a round of planing.


Over at Tiny r(E)volution we covered the process as it happened in our build. No time like the present to revisit that classic and see how a light round of planing can turn leftover lumber into its own work of art! To watch the video just hover over the image below and click on the red, centrally located, standard YouTube play button.

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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

Tiny House Pre-Design

An Early Exercise in our Pre-design Process

An Early Exercise in our Pre-design Process

Guest Post by Grant Olson

Anna Marie and I met in a tiny home (or at least near to one) – a 7’x10′ cabin on wheels with a sleeping loft, a climbing wall, and a single light fixture. It was parked next to a chicken yard, and often mistaken for the coop.

We’ve missed that little house ever since we moved out.

When we first considered returning to a tiny lifestyle, we went through a bit of self-evaluation to prepare for the design phase. We called this the ‘presign phase’, and here it is, succinctly:

1. Goals

I work with a wonderful gal who frequently reminds me to ‘begin as you mean to go’. Not sure if we meant to go anywhere in particular, Anna Marie and I sat down one rainy afternoon to jot down some rough five-year goals. We didn’t take it too seriously, but it was enormously helpful nonetheless. It helped us to identify the most important facets of a prospective future (eating, traveling, farming and teaching) and encouraged us to think about qualities of a tiny house that were conducive to that future (kitchen-centric, mobile, outdoor-oriented, connected). Continue reading

Andrea Zittel’s Wagon Station Encampment

During mild weather in the Joshua Tree area of California, artist Andrea Zittel’s “Wagon Station Encampment” comes alive with artists, designers, hikers and campers and many of them stay in these elevated sleeping pods that allow for comfort, protection from the elements and fresh air. The pods are located a short walk from an outdoor communal kitchen, an outdoor shower and composting toilet. Continue reading

Port Townsend Shepherd Huts

shepherd hut

Guest Post by Michael Raymond

I visited a hut builder in England last fall (The Shepherd Hut Company) that has been building huts for 15 years and is in one of the books on tiny houses. I’ve been following the shepherd hut movement in England for over 10 years and think that the US and Canada will have a similar interest in the versatility of shepherd huts, but may take some time to be able to support domestic builders full time. Continue reading

Diedricksen Brothers Tiny House Workshop Downunder

15271D2A-7049-4405-86FF-CBE1E9D03F51FF6F52A7-C2EA-4E31-A251-97A2AF5B2C71 A Report by Dean Wishart

I’ve enjoyed following your great blog for a few years, and as part of my steps towards building my own tiny I attended Deek & Dustin’s fantastic inaugural workshop in Sydney late March. The tiny we built blew us all away, it was incredible to see largely recycled materials go from mere bits of wood and ‘stuff’ into a tiny skid house in 3 days. Under Deek, Dustin, Rob (Scott of Hollyburton tiny house studio truck renown) and Anthony’s expert guidance, 25 building and construction newbies learnt new skills, wrangled tools they’d never used before and flat out surprised themselves at what they could do with their own hands. One of our participants even flew in from Singapore to attend, and has since made her own tiny house mark in New Zealand – yes, she refurbished a tragic trailer into a stunning tiny, all within a few weeks of attending the course! Continue reading